Forever Evil #6 review


I came into chapter 6 skeptical after all the delays and the slow build-up of the first few issues, but I must say that all of the setup from Forever Evil and Justice League (if you didn’t read the Crime Syndicate origins, you should) is all paying off now. Big time.

If you read the free preview of Forever Evil #6 then you know it begins with Luthor and Batman glassing the horizon, surveying the area around the fallen Watchtower to see if the coast is clear and Nightwing’s prison can be infiltrated. Miles away, the Crime Syndicate gazes at a cracked sky with dread as they know this is a harbinger of some terrible force that once consumed their own world. These are the most calm moments of the entire book. 

David Finch’s panels grow crowded in Brady Bunch-style grids that quickly cut between locations, building tension as the two groups of characters come to their own horrifying realizations that will ultimately bring them all deep within the confines of the crashed satellite and when they come face to face there will be no monologuing. No dragging-out of what has already been postponed for long enough. Writer Geoff Johns puts Finch to the task of drawing some of the most gripping action you’ll likely see this year and since these are villains fighting who have lack a “no-kill-rule” you should brace yourself for a number of rather graphic surprises. Of course, the two surprises that readers will be most interested in are regarding the following lingering questions: “What the heck happens to Nightwing?!” and “Who is the prisoner beneath the hood?” 

Solicitations and all other forms of hype floating around for the past few months have promised that this issue would reveal Nightwing’s final fate and the identity of the mystery man, but it only fully delivers on one of those and I won’t tell you which (at least not outside of spoiler tags). Just know that I was personally very satisfied with how things played out and was more than entertained by this comic from start to finish, that’s why I’m giving it a 10/10. I think that those who were getting bored with Forever Evil will have their interest reignited and those who have been hooked from the beginning will likely cheer aloud as Black Manta and Captain Cold get their shining moments or find themselves shaking nervously as Batman struggles to save one of his greatest allies. I was just as engrossed in the fight between the villains as I was the struggle to rescue Nightwing and that’s saying something. There wasn’t a sense of “Dammit, get back to Nightwing!” I was getting a thrill from what both incredibly intense scenes had to offer.

It’s a hell of a penultimate issue that displays what I think we all wanted from Forever Evil all along– a number of “Oh snap!” moments, a few laughs, captivating drama that makes us care for those characters who are in danger, and some striking moments of really dynamic artwork.

Andrew Talks About What Happened to Dick Grayson & The Masked Prisoner

I’m going to leave a few thoughts on “Nightwing’s Last Stand” in the spoiler tags below. I suggest you read the comic first.


Recommended If…

  •  Suspense is what  you’re after. This comic will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end
  • You’ve been waiting for a big pay-off from Forever Evil
  • You want to see your favorite villains rock the s***t against The Crime Syndicate
  • The true identity of who the man is under the hood has been driving you crazy
  • David Finch is one of your favorite artists– he’s had some weak chapters but I think he delivered here
  • You’re looking to see a few casualties (that’s right. plural)


I couldn’t put this one down.

SCORE: 10/10

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