‘Batman vs. Superman’ to film in Detroit from April to December (video)

Earlier this week director Zack Snyder said that Batman vs. Superman would begin shooting in about a month, and now we have a more precise timeline. Henry Cavill News caught up with costume designer Michael Wilkinson, who revealed that he’ll be in Detroit from mid-April until December. That’s a very long shoot!

I’m not sure if the long shoot adds any weight to the rumor that they’re planning on shooting a Justice League movie back-to-back with Batman vs. Superman. To put it into perspective, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 only took about three months to film, while The Dark Knight Rises took about seven. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if these Justice League rumors pan out.

You can check out the full interview with Michael Wilkinson in the video above. He reiterates a lot of what he’s previously said about the Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman costumes. The big takeaway is that we have a shooting schedule now — April to December. Now how about a title and that first photo of Ben Affleck as Batman?!

SOURCE: Henry Cavill News