‘Batman vs. Superman’ costume designer says ‘awesome’ photos are coming soon (update)

Update 03/11/14: Well, that speculation was fun while it lasted!


As we get closer to the April start date of Batman vs. Superman filming we get closer to the big reveal of the Ben Affleck Batman photo. We’ll probably get a look at Superman and Wonder Woman too. Batman vs. Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson recently joined Twitter and is already causing quite a stir among fans. Check out this casual tweet that he sent out last night:


Steven Simko has experience shooting for magazines, and the first photo of Ben Affleck as Batman is rumored to be coming on a magazine cover (Entertainment Weekly, perhaps?). Keep in mind this is all just pure speculation, but it seems likely that a costume designer would be present on a big magazine photo shoot to make sure his Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman costumes look the best that they can. It’s also possible that Wilkinson was just referring to a photo shoot that he himself took part in, though with all due respect, those photos would be far less “awesome”.

What do you guys think? Was Wilkinson giving us a hint about his latest project, Batman vs. Superman? Or are we just so hungry for news we’re just jumping to conclusions here? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

PS. This is the perfect opportunity to let you guys know that those “leaked” photos of Ben Affleck as Batman that you might have seen online over the past few days are not real!