Ben Affleck has 17-inch biceps, works out twice a day for ‘Batman vs. Superman’ (video)

Runner, Runner

Ben Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner has been doing press for her new movie Draft Day, and journalists looking for Batman vs. Superman updates have been asking her about it. She told Collider that she recently got in trouble for talking about Batman vs. Superman and that she wouldn’t be talking about the movie anymore. On that same day, she said something similar to We Got This Covered. Garner didn’t leave them hanging though and talked about Ben Affleck’s workout routine:

I’ll tell you that there is a man working out at my house right now, I’m sure, for his second time today. And [Ben] has 17-inch biceps. You’re the first person to hear that. You heard it here first.

I can’t picture a 17-inch bicep in my head, but that sounds pretty big! Ben Affleck’s trainer recently said that he was going for a “real-life superhero look” and if Affleck is working out twice a day, it sounds like he’ll be well on his way of achieving that. One thing’s for sure.. at nearly 6’4″, Affleck will be the most physically imposing Batman we’ve ever seen on screen!

SOURCE: We Got This Covered