Open Letter: Leave the Bat-Signal alone!

Dear writers, artists, editors, and all other folks involved with the making of today’s Batman comics,

Leave the Bat-Signal alone! I get it. Showing one of the most iconic fixtures in the Batman mythology getting perverted or destroyed in some fashion is an attractive yet none-too-subtle symbolic gesture in your story, but enough is enough.

Since the New 52 began, I have seen the Bat-Signal burn-out….

Batsignal BurnOut


Batsignal Owled


Batsignal Catified


Batsignal Beaten


Batsignal Crushed


Drowning 2

Stepped on….

Batsignal Walked


Batsignal Melted

and used as a crucifix…

Batsignal Crucifix

You all brought an incredibly memorable visual to your story, but can’t we agree that the giant flashlight deserves a rest? Rasputin was put through less torture than our dear Bat-signal. Just give it a year or two of illuminating the Gotham sky unmolested. Please.

That’s all I have to say about that,

Andrew Asberry