DC to relaunch Suicide Squad with new members and new creative team

Earlier this week DC announced that they’d be relaunching Teen Titans in July, and now there are new plans for Suicide Squad as well!

IGN recently announced the launch of the NEW SUICIDE SQUAD—with new members and a new creative team!

Following the events of FOREVER EVIL, the world has changed for Task–Force X, a.k.a. The Suicide Squad.

Now, the series will return with an all-new #1 under the watchful eye of writer Sean Ryan and artist Jeremy Roberts (whose first work appeared in HARLEY QUINN #0).

For more about the new series and to read an interview with Roberts, head on over to IGN.

The NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #1 arrives on July 9th.

And don’t miss the final issues of the current SUICIDE SQUAD culminating on May 28th with issue #30.