Dick Grayson’s post-Forever Evil fate revealed

Grayson Cover

Yes, that’s an unmasked Dick Grayson pointing a gun at you! USA Today made the announcement that DC will publish an all-new series this July titled “Grayson.”

The espionage-themed comic that sees Dick Grayson joining the spy agency “Spyral” will be written by Tim Seeley (Revival, Batman Eternal) & former CIA counter-terrorism operations officer Tom King with art by Mikel Janin (Justice League Dark). In the interview with USA Today, both writers boasted that they would send Dick Grayson on a globe-trotting adventure that would lead to the former Boy Wonder getting his own arch-enemy. They were also eager to compare the upcoming title to award-winning TV shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Americans in that every new episode will give fans plenty to talk about.

In the most recent issue of DC’s major event Forever Evil, Dick Grayson was seemingly murdered by Lex Luthor and fans were waiting to see their hero’s true fate revealed in next month’s conclusion to the long-running saga, but numerous delays put issue #7’s on-sale date following the release of DC’s July solicitations and thus killing much of the suspense surrounding the end of The New 52 epic. Fortunately, today’s announcement also shows us that Dick will finally be trading in that controversial red emblem for a uniform more closely resembling the fan-favorite black and blue. So although suspense regarding Forever Evil is certainly diminished, the return of the color blue and reassurance that their hero will definitely not die is sure to make many Wing-nuts happy.

When asked on Twitter by Variety’s Brian Steinberg about the sidekick-turned-spy concept’s similarities to Marvel’s Winter Soldier, Seeley quickly answered that he had never read that book and was instead inspired by Batman Incorporated‘s Spyral storyline. For those interested in learning more about Spyral, begin with Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated, Vol. 1 DELUXE EDITION. If this new creative team does indeed continue where Grant Morrison left off with the clandestine organization, expect to see more from another longtime member of the Bat-family in 2014.

Kathy Kane

Grayson goes on sale July 2nd.