Robin Returns? DC Comics announces July one-shot

Robin Rising Omega

Since the death of Damian Wayne, the New 52 series “Batman & Robin” has gone through a variety of name changes that pair Batman with the likes of Nightwing, Two-Face, Batgirl, and even Aquaman, but this July we will see the title reinstate Robin as The Dark Knight’s partner in the war against Gotham’s criminals. Which Robin, however, remains a mystery.

DC Comics told LA Times’ Hero Complex this morning that on July 16th they will release a one-shot epilogue to the current “Hunt for Robin” storyline. This issue called “Robin Rises: Omega” will be written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Andy Kubert and it sounds larger-than-life with not only Ra’s al Ghul involved, but the forces of Darkseid as well.

Following the release of Robin Rises: Omega #1, the regular series will return with Batman & Robin #33. Whether “Robin” is Damian Wayne, one of the many other Boy Wonder alumni, or an entirely new character awaits to be seen.

Head on over to Hero Complex for more details.

SOURCE: Hero Complex