Jonathan Nolan would love to revisit ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’, comments on Ben Affleck as Batman

Jonathan Nolan helped co-write The Dark Knight Trilogy with his brother Christopher Nolan and was a big reason why those movies were so good. On this week’s Larry King Now, Nolan was asked if he’d ever go back and revisit The Dark Knight Trilogy. “I’d love to go back 20 years from now, I’d love to go back and revisit that character in a different part of my life”, he replied.

Nolan also commented on Ben Affleck as Batman, saying that he has a great relationship with Warner Bros. and that he’s a fantastic filmmaker and a phenomenal lead actor. Check out the full video interview above, Nolan talks a lot more about The Dark Knight and tells an incredible story about he and his brother wrote Heath Ledger’s Joker character.

Can you imagine a “Dark Knight Returns” or “Batman Beyond” type story in 20 years with Christian Bale as Batman and the Nolan brothers on the script? Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see in the comments below.