DC Collectibles Designer Series Batman by Greg Capullo

The All-New DC Comics Designer Series: Greg Capullo figures hit shelves this May! There will be four total and the first pair are a must-own for fans of Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo’s Court of Owls saga because you’re not only going to find a spot-on Batman at your local comic shop, but Talon William Cobb is getting his very first action figure. These 6-7-inch figures are designed after all-star artist Greg Capullo’s artwork and sculpted by Jonathan Matthews. I got my hands on a Batman figure and I must say, he’s pretty impressive.

The figure comes in a white and blue box with front and side window for viewing the character and the accessories that come with him. Batman includes 3 tiny batarangs, which you can fit into his left hand if you have the patience for it and don’t lose them beforehand– when I say they’re tiny, I mean they are really tiny. I was worried at first because, as you can see by the photos, it looked like there was only 1 batarang packaged with the collectible, but once I opened the box I found the remaining two had just been dislodged during shipping. The back of the box shows you a colored image of all four Designer Series figures with Nightwing and Riddler becoming available this June. And then on the non-windowed side you’ll find a circled #1 (marking it as the first in the series) and a snippet of a sketch by Capullo (it’s actually the original pencils from the cover of Batman #7) that inspired the action figure.

Greg Capullo’s Batman is one of my favorite, but often times he’s drawn in such mysterious fashion that he appears to be more shadow than man so I was anxious to see how well the drawings would translate into a 3-dimensional toy. Very well, as it turns out. No matter what angle you view him from, this highly articulate action figure is 100% Capullo and I struggle to find a flaw. Best of all, I was able to achieve exactly the kind of pose I wanted from the figure immediately. Not only is Batman well-sculpted, but the blend of matte and gloss paint added a nice finishing touch to the Batsuit and the billowing cape will definitely grab your attention. You see, the cape is made from a soft and flexible rubber that allows the cape to retain its outspread shape and look so darn cool. The only downside is that the cape material is a bit… pungent and you’ll want to let your collectible air-out a little bit before putting it on display.

The DC Comics Designer Series Greg Capullo Batman is an awesome figure with the only drawback being that the little batarangs take some work to fit in Batman’s grip properly and his cape will stink up the room for a few hours after you take it out of the box for the first time– if you’re the sort who takes their toys out of the box, that is. If you’re a fan of Capullo’s Batman then you’ll need this figure in your collection!

Batman and Talon will be on sale at comic shops and online by May 14th with Nightwing and Riddler soon to follow. Later this year, Series 2 will be released and that includes the likes of Red Hood One, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, and Batman Thrasher (who should be called Owl-Buster Armor Batman, dangit). All figures retail for $24.95 with the exception of Batman Thrasher, who will sell for $39.95.