Matt Damon laughs off Aquaman rumors, jokes he’s campaigning for Robin

Last weekend when the news about the upcoming Justice League movie broke, a new rumor was brought to life. The Wrap revealed that there was a rumor going around Hollywood for over a year that said Matt Damon was being considered for Aquaman in a Batman vs. Superman and Justice League. I honestly thought that it was a joke (and it still might have been) so I didn’t report on it here. In a new interview with CNBC Meets, Damon joked about his BFFL Ben Affleck being cast in Batman vs. Superman and laughed at the Aquaman rumor.

“Since they made Ben Batman, I’ve been showing up at his house every day dressed as Robin, but my little campaign I don’t think has gone too well so far,” Damon joked. He then added that he would consider playing Aquaman if it benefited his charity, which strives to bring safe water and the dignity of a toilet to everyone all over the world. “If dressing up in yellow tights somehow moved the needle on this issue, I would be willing to do that,” he teased. “I’ve done sillier stuff.”

It’s been rumored that the role of Aquaman may go to Jason Momoa and with Batman vs. Superman scheduled to begin shooting this month, we’ll find out if there’s truth to any of these rumors very soon.

SOURCE: CNBC Meets (via Digital Spy)