1. Aim To Be Bigger And Better Than The Avengers

Justice League Feature 1

Regardless of whether you see yourself as a “Marvel Guy” or a “DC Guy” (perhaps both!), there’s no denying that The Avengers set the benchmark for this type of movie and beat Warner Bros. to the punch. As a result, they’ll surely be striving for the same level of financial success and critical acclaim, but in the process, Zack Snyder’s Justice League needs to be bigger and better if they hope to find the same level of overall accomplishments with their superhero movies. Marvel took a number of B and C list characters and turned them into A list ones. DC already has a team of A listers, so up the ante and deliver not just a DC version of The Avengers, but a movie which blows that one out of the water. Zack Snyder has his work cut out for him, but there’s no doubt that he’s the right man for the job. The question now is, how will he top Man of Steel’s final fight scene? Well, first there’s Batman Vs. Superman…

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