6. A Bad-Ass Aquaman

Justice League Feature 6

Aquaman has always had an element of bad-assery about him in the comic books, but he’s been parodied so often in the media — both Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory are two popular shows which have taken a swipe at Arthur Curry — that even DC Comics embraced the fact that he’s seen as something of a joke in his relaunched solo series back in 2011. Of course, in reality, he’s anything but! Fans weren’t happy when Aquaman was left out of the Justice League: War animated movie, and with Warner Bros. promising that an animated feature of his own is on the horizon, the stage is being nicely set for him to appear in this movie. Jason Momoa is rumored to be the one who will play him in Batman Vs. Superman, and he seems like the right guy to portray him as he should be.