‘Batman vs. Superman’ production begins with Gal Gadot set photos

Batman vs. Superman production officially kicked off this past Friday, May 16th in Birmingham, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Gal Gadot was the only main actor spotted on set, but of course, director Zack Snyder was there as well. Batman vs. Superman set photographer Clay Enos even snapped a photo of Snyder riding a scooter that was being used in the scene in between takes.

Fans nearby said that the scene involved Gal Gadot’s character Diana Prince/Wonder Woman walking out of a building in a blue dress and getting into a car. They filmed this scene multiple times. This scene itself isn’t too exciting, but the fact that Batman vs. Superman production has begun certainly is! Check out the set photos in the gallery below.

SOURCE: Michael Heidner (1), (2), Armen Darakjian, Eric Kmetz