‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ convenience store shoot hints at upcoming locations

Back in April Batman News exclusively reported that convenience stores were being scouted for a robbery scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That news has been confirmed in a new report from C & G Newspapers.

City Manager Linda Voll told the paper that Lakepoint Market (pictured above) in Keego Harbor, MI was selected for the scene. The store was prepped on May 14th and the scene was shot on the morning of May 15th. To keep things quiet, only a select number of people knew about the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice filming. “We had a couple extra (police) officers over that way to keep traffic moving and for crowd control,” Voll said. “I didn’t even tell the police until I needed them.”

As I mentioned earlier, Batman News was tipped by a reader named Chad back in April about upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice locations. Since he was right about the convenience store, it’s likely that the other information he provided is accurate as well. According to Chad, here’s what other Michigan and Illinois locations will be used in the movie:

  • They were trying to find the right convenience store for a robbery scene.
  • They wanted to film at the courthouse in Detroit at night, but because there would be loud weapons they ran into complications.
  • There was talk about shutting down some train crossings.
  • A helicopter was supposed to land on COBO Hall in Detroit. The production wanted to blow a hole in the roof. However, COBO said no. They had promised to repair it, but COBO still said no. They’ll be heading to Chicago, Illinois to shoot the scene with the helicopter and explosion.
  • There was also mention of possibly using the Masonic Temple in Detroit.

Gal Gadot was spotted on location for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a few weeks ago, but since then it’s been pretty quiet. Here’s hoping things pick up in June… bring on some set photos of the new Batmobile tearing up the streets of Detroit!

SOURCE: C & G Newspapers (via Man of Steel Fan Page)