Tryouts for the comic book review team are now open! (update: submissions closed)

Want to join the Batman News team as a comic book reviewer?

Here’s how:

Step #1

I’m looking for a team of hardcore Batman fans with free-time on Wednesdays to write commentary on all of the Batman comics and I mean all of them! An over-abundance of available comic books (and rumors of even more this fall) means that reviewers will have to select multiple titles they wish to review, otherwise we would end up with a writing staff of over 25 and that’s just ridiculous. Pick out the books you’re most interested in from the list below, but don’t pick something you hate just because you think it would be fun to bash it month after month. Negative reviews can be entertaining and more often than not you’ll get more hits if your review is extra venomous, but that’s not something you should ever strive toward. We want people who are passionate about the mythology and want to write about a comic because they love these characters, not because they’re anxious to act snarky in front of a large audience. Also, be realistic about how many titles you can handle. We want good, insightful copy. A paragraph or two per comic review isn’t going to cut it (be insightful, be funny, find your own voice and, most importantly, be interesting) and your readers will expect a review to be posted that very Wednesday!

Here are the comics you have to choose from, pick the ones that excite you the most/you feel most qualified to speak about and tell me why you chose them:

  • Odd Appearances — One-shots (example: Joker’s Daughter #1, DC Presents: Batman Adventures #1, etc.) and bat-cameos in non-bat titles (examples: appearances in Secret Origins, Superman Unchained, Scooby-Doo Team-up, etc.)
    • You have to be somebody who reads a lot of DC material to take on this job and you’ll need to be knowledgeable about Batman and the entire DC Universe’s old and new continuity. You gotta be ready for anything
  • Batgirl
    • Must have read every issue of the New 52 series
  • Batman
    • Yeah, I’m aware this is the job you all want, but only someone who is ridiculously knowledgeable about Batman is going to get this one. If you don’t think you’re the smartest Batman fan in at least a 20 mile radius then don’t even ask.
  • Batman & ____ (Includes Robin Rises: Omega)
    • Must have read every issue of the New 52 series as well as Grant Morrison’s entire Batman epic
  • Batman Beyond Universe
    • Must have seen every episode of every Bruce Timm produced animated series AND read every issue of Batman Beyond Unlimited & Batman Beyond Universe up until now
  • Batman Eternal (Weekly)
    • Just like “Batman” I’m only giving this title to someone who knows the pre- and post-New 52 Batman continuity inside and out. You need to be able to catch references to long-forgotten storylines and recognize esoteric characters whenever they appear
  • Batman ’66
    • The more episodes of the classic TV series you’ve seen, the better. You also must have read every issue of this comic up until now
  • Batman/Superman
    • Know as much about Superman as you do about Batman. Must have read every issue of the New 52 series so far
  • Batwing (Ends with September’s Futures End: Batwing #1)
    • Must have read every issue of Batwing from issue #18 onward
  • Batwoman
    • Must be well-versed in everything Kate Kane starting with Greg Rucka’s pre-New 52 run
  • Birds of Prey (Ends with September’s Futures End: Birds of Prey #1)
    • Must have read every issue of the New 52 series
  • Catwoman 
    • I’m not going to say you should have read every issue of the New 52 series, but that’s definitely a plus. Just prove to me that you’re a fan of Selina Kyle and have a strong grasp on her character 
  • Detective Comics
    • It’s on the same pedestal as “Batman” in my eyes. Only the most impressive applicants will be considered for this title
  • Earth 2
    • Must have read every issue of the New 52 series. Possessing vast knowledge in all of DC lore is a huge bonus
  • Earth 2: Worlds End (Weekly)
    • If you get the job for “Earth 2” then you get this book too. Congratulations!
  • Futures End (Weekly)
    • Must be well-versed in all of DC lore pre- and post-New 52
  • Grayson (Begins in July)
    • Must have read every issue of the New 52 Nightwing series– love of espionage thrillers is a plus
  • Harley Quinn
    • Must have read every issue of the New 52 series. Being knowledgeable about Suicide Squad is also a desirable trait
  • Injustice: Year Two
    • You’ve read every issue so far and have at least played the video game it’s based on
  • Justice League
    • Must have read every issue so far and prove to be incredibly well-versed in the entire DC Universe
  • Justice League 3000
    • Must have read every issue so far
  • Legends of the Dark Knight
    • If I like your application then you’re in the running for Legends of the Dark Knight
  • Red Hood and The Outlaws
    • Must have read every issue so far
  • Scribblenauts: A Crisis of Imagination
    • Must have read every issue so far
  • Suicide Squad (Begins in July)
    • Must have read all of the volume 1 New 52 series (it’s getting relaunched) and Forever Evil
  • Teen Titans (Begins in July)
    • Must have read all of the volume 1 New 52 series (it’s getting relaunched)
  • Worlds’ Finest
    • Must have read every issue so far

Step #2

Introduce yourself. I want to know who you are and what kind of schedule you keep. What do you think makes you a decent writer? Have you read “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art” by Scott McCloud? What about “Story” by Robert McKee? Ever been published? Are you studying writing right now? What about artwork? Are you an artist yourself? Have you studied comic art and have an understanding of the various techniques? Despite there being so many comic reviews online today, very few actually offer high-quality commentary on the artwork. I know I struggled often to go into detail about the pencils and inks myslef. It would be fantastic to find a reviewer who can devote as much attention to the illustrations as the story and characterization.

Also, during your introduction I would like to know a little something about your connection to The Dark Knight. Remember how I said I was looking for passionate people? Move me with your romanticized, nostalgic view of the mythology or impress me with how far your obsession has taken you. Got a Bat-tattoo? Built your own Batcave? I’m not looking for casual fans. I started the comics section from scratch and I’m only going to pass it on to people who ball-up their fists when they hear someone say “Batman: The Animated Series is overrated” or get glassy-eyed while describing the plot of “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?”

Step #3

I want a rundown of your experience with the character. The more comics you’ve read, the better. List what comic book eras you specialize in and what eras you’re most unfamiliar with. What unread classic graphic novels are you most ashamed of never touching? What are your favorite Batman stories of all-time? Have you seen every movie and TV show? Played every video game? The more info you give me, the more seriously you’ll be considered.

Step #4

Write a review. Is there any better way to know what you’re made of? Write a review for any Bat-comic that I didn’t review already (anything following Forever Evil #7) and submit it. If it’s good and we want you to join the team then we’ll go ahead and post it once the comics section relaunches if you’d like. We’re not looking for someone to imitate the same style I had. Heck, you don’t even need to share the same opinions. Just prove that you’re a capable writer who is willing to pour their heart and soul into a commentary about the book. Also, keep in mind how we do scores around here. The entire 1-10 scale is utilized. 1 is awful, 5 is “just okay,” and 10 is a must-read.


Update: Due to an overwhelming response, submissions are now closed. I’ll open them up again if needed. Thanks to everyone who sent in an application! – Chris

Send your application to: in the form of a typical email or a Word document. There’s no immediate deadline. I won’t stop taking submissions until the right team is put together!

If I like what I see then I’ll start an email correspondence with you, working out what comics you’re the right fit for handling. It would be great to have a team assembled within the next 2 weeks, but that can only happen if we get enough variety in the submissions. I better not get 90 emails from people saying that they want Snyder & Capullo’s Batman and Batman only. The more open you are to handling the lower tier books, the quicker we can get this show on the road.