A solo Ben Affleck Batman movie may be coming in 2019

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Last week Warner Bros.’ DC Comics movie roadmap leaked online, listing out their plans through 2018. One noticeable omission from the list was a solo Batman movie. Ben Affleck will play the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, but will he star in his own Batman movie? According to Latino Review the answer is “yes”, they claim that will happen in 2019. The site even reports that the project already has a working title — The Batman.

Latino Review says that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will shoot until about December of this year (I’ve heard November). Then the cast and crew will take a break for the holidays and jump right into Justice League in early 2015. That will wrap sometime in the summer and then Ben Affleck will begin work on a new movie titled Live By Night, which he’ll write, direct, and star in.

We’re still five years away, so a lot can change between now and the rumored 2019 Ben Affleck Batman movie. Affleck loves to write and direct his own movies, so it’d be really cool to see his take on the Dark Knight.

SOURCE: Latino Review