10 things Ben Affleck needs to do as Batman to beat Christian Bale’s Dark Knight

1. A Bigger And Better Batcave


We saw a very basic version of the Batcave in Batman Begins, nothing at all in The Dark Knight and a scaled down (but still very cool) version in The Dark Knight Rises. With Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader set to be an older and more experienced hero – who has reportedly become a recluse who remains in his cave in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – it makes sense that his Batcave will look a little something like the one pictured above. It gives Snyder the chance to go crazy with the Easter Eggs, and the possibility of Jason Todd’s Robin costume being encased somewhere in the background along with other staples like the T-Rex and giant Joker card is a very exciting prospect from a comic book fans point of view.

Which items would you guys most like to see make the cut?