10 things Ben Affleck needs to do as Batman to beat Christian Bale’s Dark Knight

8. Bat-Stubble

Ben Affleck; John Goodman; Kyle Chandler; Barry Livingston; Tate Donovan; Alan Arkin; Victor Carber; Scoot McNairy, Rory Cochran

Ben Affleck is rarely seen without facial hair and it’s a look which is well-suited to Batman as well. Think back to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s “The Court of Owls” in which the hero was trapped in one of their layers and looked disheveled and beaten down; the character having stubble may be a minor visual addition, but it works for the same reason that “battle damaged” looks do. Seeing as this version of the Dark Knight is older and more experienced, it would make sense, and definitely appeared to be there in that first official image of Affleck suited up as the iconic DC superhero. Many artists have included stubble in Batman’s look over the years and it would make this version look a little more rugged than Bale’s!