10 things Ben Affleck needs to do as Batman to beat Christian Bale’s Dark Knight

3. More Vehicles


Over the course of The Dark Knight Trilogy, you have to give Christopher Nolan credit for giving Batman a variety of vehicles to head into action with. We got the Tumbler in Batman Begins, the Batpod in The Dark Knight, and both that and The Bat in The Dark Knight Rises. However, there’s still plenty of vehicles we’ve yet to see, with the actual comic book Batplane definitely high up on the list if we’re going to see the Caped Crusader keep up with Superman when he takes flight! The Batboat would also obviously be another refreshing option to see on the big screen, while the recently unveiled Batmobile will also hopefully contain plenty of surprises. The Batcopter? It might just be best if that particular Bat-vehicle is left in the Batcave in Dawn of Justice!