10 things Ben Affleck needs to do as Batman to beat Christian Bale’s Dark Knight

2. He Has To Kick Superman’s Ass

Batman V Superman

Look, we’re all Batman fans here, right? The fact is, regardless of how great Henry Cavill’s Superman was in 2013’s Man of Steel, seeing The Dark Knight kick his butt is a must on the big screen! We all know that in a fair fight Superman could wipe Batman away with his heat vision, but give Bruce Wayne a Kryptonite ring or something similar, and we’re in for a treat! Christian Bale’s Batman overcame enormous odds while saving Gotham City from the likes of Ra’s Al Ghul, The Joker and Bane, but what better way to establish Ben Affleck as THE Batman than having him take down Superman on the big screen? The World’s Finest superheroes will fight side-by-side before the credits roll, but when they do come to blows before that, only Batman should be left standing!