Earth 2 #4 review

Another issue, another set of heroes introduced.  This seems to be a theme of Earth 2 and I’m certainly not complaining.  The only problem I can see coming from this would be an inability to give the proper time each hero needs in order to grow and develop.  It would also be a shame if Earth 2 didn’t allow readers to fully appreciate a hero because there just aren’t enough pages in each issue to allow each individual hero to show off their personality and talents.  So far it has not been a problem, I certainly hope this trend continues going forward as the full team of new Wonders is formed.

As we saw last issue, Grundy “The Grey” has come from the bowels of the Earth to wreak havoc upon Washington, DC.  There’s a short introduction at the beginning of “A Confluence of Wonders” to our newest hero, but I won’t spoil anything here.  All that I’ll say is that the very first page is some excellent artwork and I would absolutely like the back-story behind the events leading up to that moment.  We zoom ahead to Grundy’s destructive path, and it is evident that his “rot” is spreading throughout the world.  There is a very poignant description of Grundy’s nature and powers when he is described as a cancerous tumor, a being of the Earth that is slowly but effectively killing it.


He’s actually threatening this time around.

I was always concerned that the heroes were so far apart that it would break up the action jarringly in order to keep up with all of them, but Grundy’s appearance on the world scene seems to be the force that will bring them all together.  While there are some fun scenes involving Flash and Hawkgirl, this issue belongs to Grundy.  For most of the issue, he is drawn exceptionally well, and looks like a truly menacing villain.

The battle between the heroes and Grundy is a few intense panels, but it far shorter than I would have liked.

Grundy has stated that his purpose is to kill Green Lantern, and their battle lasts literally one punch.  I would’ve loved to have seen a knockdown, drag-out fight for Earth.

With the final pages, explained in the Spoiler section below, it seems that our heroes may have more than one common threat going forward.  I can’t wait to see how the Wonders respond.

There once again isn’t much of an advancement in the plot this issue other than Grundy serving as a common enemy.  The artwork also starts strong, but wanes as the issue moves along, particularly with Grundy.  There is a clear difference in quality when Eduardo Pansica takes over for Trevor Scott, and Grundy turns from horrifying and deadly monster to a burnt mannequin.  I’m turned off when my untrained artistic talent (which is pretty much nonexistent outside the realm of stick figures) can tell when one artist is getting in the way of another.  Here’s to hoping that Earth 2 sticks with Trevor Scott, please.


  • The newest Wonder added is The Atom, who is working for the World Army.
  • There is absolutely NO way that that big-screen TV is still functional when everything around it is just rubble.
  • Last issue, we saw a pair of deer get consumed by Grundy’s power because they were standing on land that he had infected (I believe).  How is it that all the people and even the heroes are not affected by the same?  Maybe I missed something.
  • Flash’s “following the rot to the source” plan is absolutely terrible.  By this point, the rot has gotten to Poland from Washington, DC.  That means roughly a third of the world would be covered in rot, unless somehow Grundy’s power only targeted Wonders.  How Flash knew to run to Washington DC could have been explained better.

Favorite Quote: “We all die sometime.” – Hawkgirl

Recommended If…

  • You want to meet another hero who may be a game-changer going forward.
  • Grundy is one of your favorite villains.
  • You like vistas of ruin and carnage and death.  Who doesn’t?


We keep seeing new heroes added, and the stage is getting a little crowded with this newest Wonder, but perhaps his arrival marks an accelerated story going forward.  Trevor Scott’s artwork is not as strong as it has been in previous chapters, but there is some great hero/villain battling that makes up for it.

SCORE: 7/10