Futures End #5 review

The storylines keep coming. The mounting tension with Frankenstein and Tim –I mean– Mr. Corcoran is put on hold for an introduction of a couple new characters this issue. It’s all about the long haul and peeling this onion back one layer at a time. Just try not to cry.

I liked Andrew’s breakdown for each character’s storyline and I will borrow that as needed going forward.

1. Mr. Terrific/Terry — The Apple-like unveiling of the next generation device called the uSphere is quite funny. It has all the makings of the next iPhone unveiling taken to another level. We even get to see a panel with the future’s Bruce Wayne who is likely to be a big player in later issues of Futures End given what he said to Terry before sending him back in time. We see glimpses of Mr. Corcoran and Cyborg reminding us that there still are superheroes around.

2. Grifter — Last issue we saw Cash/Grifter get shot and paralyzed. Impressive even for the future. This issue it’s down to brass tax, kind of. Faraday has a plan to use Grifter’s talent for seeing otherworldly beings for his advantage. The conversation between the two seemed forced and drawn out. I found myself telling them to get on with it. Grifter is mouthing off and Faraday is annoyed at which point an orderly who looked the size of a superhero whose disguise is that of a pair of glasses walked into the room. It was probably nothing but that was the highlight of that exchange for me.

3. Cadmus Island — Here is what I can only assume are Beast from X-men and Cheetah (only more humanized) racing through the island that Green Arrow was stranded on. Apparently there’s another wildly powerful, preteen girl in Futures End other than Father Time. She has a tie to Faraday. Hopefully that will flesh out a little more later.

4. Firestorm — Ronnie and Jason finally break up but not before hashing it out. I’m sure the Firestorm fans out there can feel the dread of such an event but during the argument Ronnie and Jason kept talking about betraying people. Jason was going to betray Ronnie; Ronnie betrayed Jason. It just reminded me of the World’s Greatest Freakout kid from those YouTube videos and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Clearly, Jason’s work with his professor will play a big role in the future of Futures End. We’re left hanging again as to what it is exactly the guy has built.


Yep, so he’s going to play a part in the Future. He looks to be in bad shape, though I doubt his condition is something foreign to him. His purpose in this issue is, like everything else in this issue, to let us know that whatever is about to happen is going to suck for everyone.

Recommended if:

  • You want to stay on top of what is happening/will happen in the DC Universe
  • You like Firestorm
  • You stood in line six hours for an iPhone 3


It’s a weekly comic. If you can afford it, I’m sure it will make for a nice in-depth story if you read each and every issue. If you can’t, well then you might be able to get by without it. The artwork isn’t given much chance to shine, however, there is plenty attention to detail. It is a slow issue that leaves me wanting to know what’s going on with Tim, Terry, and Frankenstein.

SCORE: 5/10