Ben Affleck took a selfie… as Batman (video)

Somewhere in the world on someone’s smartphone a Ben Affleck Batman selfie exists.

MTV caught up with Carrie Coon, who is in Gone Girl alongside Ben Affleck later this year. Affleck shot that movie late last year while preparing for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and got so big that the costume designer asked him to stop bulking up — he wasn’t fitting into his Gone Girl clothes!

When MTV asked if Coon got to hear Affleck practice his Batman voice while he was on the Gone Girl set, the actress laughed, saying, “No, but I did happen to see, he had a costume fitting, and I did see a Batman selfie, which is pretty amazing.” That is pretty amazing! The Batfleck talk starts around the 2:05 mark in the video above.

“Guys, I’m going to be Batman… but first let me take selfie!