Earth 2 #20 review

We are still dealing with the fallout of Superman’s return, but the Wonders have regrouped and now have perhaps the only two weapons that can be used against the returned Kryptonian.  Batman’s Kryptonite and now another Kryptonian who was apparently being held by Terry Sloan seem to be the only viable options for defeating The Man of Steel.

Batman, Aquawoman, Sato, and Hawkgirl are where we last saw them, fleeing from a host of Parademons hot on their trail.  Aquawoman comes up with a visually stunning plan of ingenuity that showcases her strength and just how powerful her abilities are.  If I had to rank their abilities by overall power, I’d have her just under Superman in terms of strength. 

She then leaves to return to Atlantis, but gives Batman a sweet shell to call her with. Where was she keeping that shell? Did she just make it materialize, or will her call system work with any shell?

Back at the Bat-cave – which I guess will serve as the base of operations for the anti-Apokolips regime – the Wonders have gathered to discuss strategy.  We learned some things about Val and Red Tornado Lois that will have a direct impact on the events to come (see Spoilers), and it certainly adds the depth that I’ve been waiting for in these characters.  No longer are they just faces that seem to be reminiscent of other heroes, but they have their own personalities that are actually somewhat interesting.   Maybe this is me making up things, but I’m seeing a lot of similarities between this and Injustice.  As much as I enjoy that series (as well as the work of a certain reviewer who may or may not work here), I really do not want to see Earth 2 becomes another Injustice.  I want this Superman thing to end, and soon, so that we can get on to the real threat of Darkseid.

There’s a new art team taking over for this issue, with Barry Kitson being added to the recently-introduced duo of Robson Rocha and Oclair Albert.  They’ll only be on for one issue, as Nikola and Trevor Scott will be returning to duty next month.  Every time a new artist or team takes over the brunt of the artwork, it’s a chance to look around and see the world through different eyes. I’ve been quite partial to the work of the Scotts, so that may cause my view of the art to be biased.

Many of the characters have had their features changed, whether it be the color of their skin or the style of their hair.  Khalid in particular looks different from when we last saw him, and the cartoonish style that Rocha and Albert use just doesn’t flow with me.  Batman also has very unusual facial and body expressions that just didn’t suit him, but maybe I’m nitpicking.  Another weird moment for me was their take on Red Tornado Lois, who looked way more human than before and considerably less robotic, as if she was just wearing a mask or something.  The overall colors pop far more with this team, however, as vibrant blues and explosion sequences really draw your eye.


  • So Val is agoraphobic, and to quote Batman, “Well that’s just great!”  I never thought that a superhero could be afraid of open spaces, but it makes sense.  He spends all his aware life in a tiny little capsule rocketing through space, then gets put in a secure vault for who-knows how long.  It makes somewhat perfect sense.
  • Superman takes time out of his Earth-conquering schedule to just destroy all religious buildings and symbols.  That’s once again first lesson in the super-villain handbook, “Why do what you came to do?  Let’s waste time doing symbolic things instead!”
  • Who were those people making a picket line against Superman?  Like, how insanely stupid are you to try and stop Superman with cardboard and wood?
  • Nothing from Green Lantern.  Didn’t he come back to life?  Where’s Alan??

Favorite Quote: “Boom, Boom, Boom” “It could be prophecy, it could be dubstep.” – Doctor Fate and Red Arrow.

Recommended If…

  • You want to learn more about Val.
  • You like the artwork of Kitson, Rocha, and Albert


A new element has been added to the band of Wonders who serve as the only resistance to Superman’s regime.  I’m kind of just waiting for the Kryptonian battle and the arrival of Darkseid, which has to be coming soon, right?  The artwork really didn’t click for me this time around, and even with everything we’ve learned about Val and Red Tornado Lois, some of the Wonders still seem shallow.

SCORE: 5.5/10