Earth 2 #21 review

If you haven’t read Earth 2 Annual #2 or the respective review, I highly suggest you do so before continuing further.

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ve seen a more brutal opening to a comic issue in the New 52, but the first few pages of “The Kryptonian, Part One” show us just how impactful Superman’s path of destruction will be on the Wonders and denizens of Earth 2.  Last issue, Val slowly began conquering his agoraphobia and absorbing the yellow rays of the Sun.  There’s much more to Batman’s plan to defeating Superman, and the first steps to taking back the Earth are in effect.

Back to those first pages, though, I’ll put the details below in the Spoiler tag, but Superman clearly has zero remorse for life, Wonder or otherwise.  It’s some intense and gruesome moments that made me recoil a bit both out of shock and disgust for what was happening.

The World Army is down to 1% of their total operating strength – 100,000 out of 10 million – and are in two days Superman’s forces have nearly completely neutralized Earth’s defenses.

The Bat-cave is also full of activity, with the Wonders planning their next move to defeat Superman.  Lois suddenly knows all about Batman and his past (hence the “check out Annual #2 above), and has some doubts about his ability to lead.  There is a moment where Commander Kahn! realizes that he is on his own, he sends out a call that allows for the whole gang to get back together.  We also learn about the plans in play by the forces of Apokolips, and it seems that this may not be entirely about simple domination.  We also see some faces that haven’t been around for a couple of issues, and there are still some who are mysteriously absent.

Honestly, nothing much happens here (big surprise), but there is some good interaction between the Wonders, and a plan seems to be forming to take down Superman.  I wish I could make this review longer, but there really was no substance to this issue.  It’s been a few disappointing issues for Tom Taylor and company.


  • During the battle for Moscow, Superman rips off The Atom’s arm, beats him with it, and leaves him for dead.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit, that’s kind of funny.  But the sounds that accompany it and the fact that it’s Superman doing the beating make me just uncomfortable.  The Atom was a jerk, but not even he deserved that.
  • The Earth’s government also has created a space-ark to blast the rich and powerful away from the planet. It goes about as well as you’d expect with a rampaging Superman on-planet.
  • The last bastion of humanity is Amazonia, which is magically shielded from the rest of the world.  With all the Amazons being dead, I’m sure no one will mind.
  • Superman knows that there is another Kryptonian on-planet.  Also, last issue, Val mentioned that he was one of four to be sent to Earth 2.  Superman is one, Val is the other, Supergirl/Powergirl/Kara Zor-El would be the third, so who’s the fourth?
  • Still no Green Lantern, guess being revived takes longer than it used to.  There’s also no Flash here, again.
  • So where’s Fury?  Did I miss something with her?
  • We do get to see Mr. Terrific and Terry Sloan, who are currently building a means for Apokolips to get to Earth?  Or they’re trying to terra-form Earth to make it like Apokolips?  I’m not entirely sure what they’re doing, but they’re working with Mr. Miracle, as well, who we haven’t seen since the first few issues.  Also, do Mr. Miracle, Mr. Terrific, and Terry Sloan know that they’re being controlled?  Mr. Miracle says, “Bedlam, I find it quite incredible how you can control all of our minds without affecting our personalities.”  So…are they aware of it or did Tom Taylor just make a mistake?  These inconsistencies and plot holes really cost this issue some points.

Favorite Quote: “You are not part of my plan, Connor Hawke.  You shoot arrows.  Your ‘skill’ would be useful five hundred years ago if knights were attacking my castle.” – Batman

Recommended If…

  • You’ve been waiting for the Wonders to get back together again.
  • You just want to stick this out until the end.


I haven’t been too enthralled by the last two issues, with the planning phases taking longer than the action itself.  It’s as if Tom Taylor is playing Jenga, slowly building piece by piece when we’re all just waiting for everything to collapse.  The only problem is, when you’re playing Jenga, the building process is at least a little fun.

SCORE: 5/10