Weta Digital to work on ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ visual effects

There’s been a lot of debate online about whether or not Man of Steel was a good movie, but one thing most people can agree on is that it had great visual effects. Weta Digital has worked on movies like Avatar, The Avengers, and even Man of Steel. In a new interview with Collider, visual effects supervisors from Weta Digital confirmed that they’ll be working on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as well:

“We are working on the Man of Steel sequel, yes… We can’t say much more than that, but we’re excited.”

Weta Digital was responsible for the big Krypton opening scene in Man of Steel and it’ll be interesting to see what they get to work on this time around. With characters like Aquaman and other Justice League members getting cameos, they’ll certainly have a lot to play with.

SOURCE: Collider