Futures End #9 review

A Caveat 

There’s a point when I’m walking my dog (Harvey) where he has fought me and the leash for so long that he finally gives up and just walks beside me like he should have all along. If he’s lucky, he’ll relinquish the pulling and tugging early on so he’ll get to enjoy the walk. Sure there’s some birds over there and probably a tree he’d love to smell, but what he doesn’t realize is that he’s not going over there and never was, so might as well enjoy the sights and smells of where I’m leading him.

Well Azzarello, Giffen, Jurgens, and Lemire, I’m gonna stop tugging and pulling. You have the leash and we’re going for this walk. I’ve been wanting to sprint like we were back in #0 and #1 but I guess I -just like my dog- haven’t realized that we have a long way to go and must conserve our energy else we burn out before the end of our walk. I’ve been wanting things to happen like they do in a monthly title. We see those comics once a month. We’re with you every week. Pacing has to be different; story lines have to be broken up. So from here on out I will try to keep this in mind. This series isn’t written for the quick and easy or the shallow and loud. It’s written for a group of people who want to follow an epic story spanning many narratives, many characters, and many timelines. It is hard fitting all that into a few pages a month but that’s the walk we’re on.

Our goal here on out will be twofold: to review the comic (what we think about it thus far) and to fill you in on the issues you aren’t able to buy. Let’s face it, it’s a gutsy move at DC to charge folks $2.99 each week and expect them to buy every issue over the course of 11 months. Some can and some can’t. For the weeks you can’t find the cash or the weeks you just aren’t feeling it, we’ll try and keep you informed about what’s going on in each issue. Here’s hoping for a good long walk!

Futures End #9

  1. Lois Lane — Lois, like last issue, is given just one page. She flies out to those coordinates she found in the box. Unfortunately for her, she finds nothing out in the middle of the ocean and flies home.
    She flies unknowingly over what I assume is Cadmus Island. Great touch in the details of the art in the Cadmus story found on the next page. You can see the plane fly above the commissary.
  2. Cadmus Island — Cole Cash, Fifty Sue, and Deathstroke (I swear, I have to double-check myself every time I write his name to make sure I don’t say Deadpool. Thanks Marvel.) have a chat, again. They want to use Grifter’s “talents” to their own good. We know Grifter has no choice in the matter especially after the two-page spread.
    Cadmus has been capturing Earth 2 superheroes from the war.
    And it appears that Cash in on board for better or worse.
  3. Madison (Tim’s Girlfriend) — She’s off to visit her pop in prison. She’s curious about her boyfriend’s past and whether Lois Lane might be on to something. She assumes her dad might know something about the matter when something happens. You guessed it:
    A giant mongrel woman (does anyone know her name?) attacks the prison while Madison is talking to her dad. The rampaging lady grabs a fast talking and seemingly intelligent prisoner named Ethan Boyer. I Googled him. Got nothing. Anyway, the masked Superman shows up again, this time only to save Madison from being thrown to her death, leaving the rampaging mongrel-lady to escape with Mr. Boyer.
  4. Terrifitech — Mr. Terrific thinks about how intriguing the discovery of Terry’s Brother Eye cyborg from the future is while talking to HAL from 2001 Space Odyssey. The dialogue between Mr. Terrific and what seems like a Brother Eye precursor lends itself to some curiosity. Where did the Eye come from? Why isn’t the Eye helping? This is sure to crop up in future installments.
  5. Terry — Concerning the Batfamily, there are only two pages. Terry is thinking about breaking into Terrifitech again, but this time with some help. A wonderful shot of Plastique and her curiosity about the cyborg she saw graces those two pages.
  6. Stormwatch Mission — Last issue we saw Dr. Palmer chop Hawkman’s arm off to replace Frankenstein’s missing one. This issue picks up as the good doctor is attaching it to Frank.
    Hawkman is freaking alive. I don’t know much about Hawkman but he popped up with his one remaining arm and went about finding out what was going on with force. I found it funny that in the middle of space where all sorts of technology was used to get these people there, when Hawkman attacks Dr. Palmer, both Lady Amethyst and Frankenstein pull out their swords. I get it: it’s their weapons. I just thought it funny. Also, as Hawkman is strangling Dr. Palmer, Frankenstein has his sword in his newly added Hawkman arm. Quite funny. Hawkman stands down and explains we should all be terrified of what’s to come. At the same time we learn that Father Time and wild hair scientist is watching all this go down while still back at S.H.A.D.E.’s headquarters. Again, this scene confirms just how bad things could get.

This chapter brings movement to the overall story. Interesting characters pop up. More characters cross into other characters’ stories. There are some of really neat moments found in this issue, however, subtlety is the key to this series. I found the artwork terrific. Small details really add to the story. Two thumbs up for Patrick Zircher.

Recommended if:

  • You’re following this weekly
  • You’re interested in the members of Stormwatch
  • You’re ready to go for a walk


Now that I’ve calmed down about the snail pace I thought the series was moving, I’m enjoying each morsel so much better. It helps that the artwork was cohesive, subtle, and exciting throughout. This installment didn’t leave me with buyer’s remorse that I’ve had to combat in times past. I’m becoming vested in the characters and the things that are happening to them are starting to matter to me. I’m looking forward to next week’s release.

SCORE: 7/10