Did Kevin Smith leak a fake ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ script?

This might be the craziest rumor I’ve ever reported here on Batman News. According to Badass Digest, a fake Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice script is making its way around the internet. I haven’t received it myself, but sites like Badass Digest and Latino Review have a copy. If this is true, it forces us to second guess recent rumors… like that list of villains. Badass Digest says that the script they received does include Victor Zsasz, Morgan Edge, and David Cain, but they remain skeptical due to the amount of errors and the cascading fan-service (Kord Industries, Jason Todd, a Shuster Street in Metropolis, Kyle Rayner, Carrie Kelley, Thanagar, mentioning Hob’s Bay, the President is named Diane Nelson, who just happens to be the president of DC Entertainment).

Now it gets even crazier. According to MovieWeb, Warner Bros. hired director and comic book geek Kevin Smith to write an entire Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice script. They are purposely leaking the fake Kevin Smith script to movie websites to keep everyone from knowing what Zack Snyder is really up to with his Man of Steel sequel.

I’m very skeptical of a lot of this, but I’d be very impressed with Warner Bros. if this is true. What do you make of this crazy rumor? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Badass Digest, MovieWeb