SDCC 2014: Mondo to release ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ 7-inch vinyl album

This morning, DC All Access and Mondo announced that they will be partnering for a vinyl release of Danny Elfman’s theme from Batman: The Animated Series. The 7-inch album celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight will go on sale in booth #835 beginning Preview Night Wednesday the 23rd at San Diego Comic-Con. The limited edition record will be available in five different sleeves by artists Matt Taylor (Harley Quinn/ pressed on translucent purple vinyl), Alan Hynes (Mr. Freeze/pressed on icy blue vinyl), Gary Pullin (Clayface/ pressed on brown clay vinyl), Tom Whalen (Man-Bat/ fold-out wings/ pressed on translucent orange vinyl), and Mike Mitchell (The Joker / pressed on bomb black vinyl).

There’s still no word on an exact price, but I would expect it to be somewhere between $20-40. Supplies will be limited.

SOURCE: Mondo: The Blog