Futures End #11 review

Wow! Here we are at issue #11. Some smaller plots we may have forgotten are picked up in this issue. We see movement in Grifter’s story (without Grifter), our Deep Space mission, Mr. Terrific, and our favorite guilt-trodden superhero Firestorm. You know it: nothing moves too fast. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in Futures End.

  1. Griter I call this “Grifter” because most of us probably don’t care much about his partner, Justin, whom the first section centers around. We know that Grifter and Justin have been working together examining aliens. Justin has one in custody and realizes Grifter has been gone too long. It’s at this point he follows plan B should anything delay or kill Grifter.
    He makes his way to a lady in an apartment named Voodoo who is supposed to take him in in times like this. That’s it. Not much of a spoiler but that’s what happens.
  2. Deep Space — Hawkman, Frankenstein and crew are out in deep space trying to figure out what happened to Stormwatch. I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen between Lady Amethyst and Frankenstein, though it looks like Frank is smitten. The team is following a beacon left by another Stormwatch member when something terrible happens.
    They crash land with Frankenstein’s catchphrase, “Melmoth’s Beard”. Who knows what will happen next?
  3. Mr. Terrific  — Mr. Terrific found the cyborg that Terry left behind a couple issues ago. He’s decided that this technology is not only intriguing but dangerous and releases the footage of Terry as Batman trying to infiltrate Terrifitech. He feels threatened by such an encounter. We should expect the world to take note of this future Batman as Mr. Terrific is putting everyone on high alert. I wonder how the modern-day Batman felt about all that was going on…guess we’ll see…
  4. Madagascar Sea — Remember that wild pink and purple guy that killed all those men at the end of issue, what was it, #9? He’s back. He looks sort of goofy in the two pages that we’re graced with his presence. I’m not sure what to think about him other than he’s still up to the same antics we saw last time. He’s hitched a ride on a cargo ship. Wonder where he’s going? As a side note: apparently he can’t fly.
  5. Firestorm — The Justice League (looks similar to our Justice League with some notable exceptions….we know Bruce is alive so where in the world is he?) holds a forced therapy session with Ronald Raymond, one half of Firestorm. You’ll remember his guilt over Green Arrow’s death in earlier issues. The League wants to discuss him being MIA for quite some time. They talk and Raymond leaves angry, vowing never to be Firestorm. I take issue with this section of the book. What was the point for bringing him to the Watchtower? What did that in all reality do? Did we see Raymond show guilt, express sorrow and vow to do better? Nope. Did we see the same thing played out three times already in this series where, by God, Firestorm will never be? Yep. I need to see something HAPPEN with him/them. There is almost zero progression here. Well, to be fair, the League does find out why Raymond has been so shady. I still didn’t feel good about this section.

Recommended If:

  • You want to keep up on minute-by-minute happenings in the world of Futures End
  • You want a good look at the future Justice League
  • You’re aching for more “You think you know Nightwing… You don’t know Dick.” ads


I’m beating a dead horse when I say this, but it’s a slow going comic. Maybe pull a month’s worth of these comics and read them all in one sitting. This might alleviate some of the “nothing seems to happen this issue” blues. I feel like each issue consists of six different teaser trailers. I’m dying for substance. Purchase if you want a complete collection. You might be missing some information, but not a ton from one missed issue. This might be the week to take break if you need one.

SCORE: 3/10