‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ to shoot in Chicago this October

Batman and Superman are heading back to Chicago! A majority of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight was shot in Chicago and parts of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel were shot there as well.

According to a tweet from Chicago Tribune journalist Luis Gomez, the Chicago Film Office confirmed that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be heading to their city in late-October.

Fight scenes between Superman and General Zod in Man of Steel were shot in Chicago, and a Chicago Board of Trade Building filled in for the Daily Planet as well.

Back in April, Batman News reader Chad said that a big stunt that was supposed to take place in Detroit was getting moved to Chicago. It involves a helicopter and blowing a hole in a roof of a building… should be interesting!

Later this fall while in the state of Illinois, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will head about 50 miles west of Chicago to Yorkville, where they’ll shoot some scenes on Kent Farm. The farm set was constructed late last year and has been ready to go ever since.