This isn’t an official ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Batman image, but it’s still pretty cool

First of all… Happy Batman Day! I don’t normally post crazy rumors or fake images, but this one has been going around the internet a lot today. I can’t get away from it on Twitter or in my email inbox so I just wanted to clear up some confusion and let everyone know where the image came from.

To help celebrate Batman Day, Gulf News put together a 4-page PDF highlighting the evolution of Batman over the years. Their artist rendered images of the Dark Knight from movies, comics, TV shows, and video games. Ben Affleck’s Batman is included as well, but the artist wasn’t trying to fool anyone. It clearly states that the sculpt is based on what we know so far… i.e. that one official image and some comments from Kevin Smith.

This sculpt represents what we know so far of Batman in the upcoming film. The overall look hints at the Jim Lee version with a short- eared cowl and Frank Miller’s with a bulky figure, a huge symbol on the chest and with a strongly rumoured grey-blue colour.

So while the Gulf News render is very cool, it’s not our second official look at Batman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Of course it’ll be similar, but you shouldn’t expect to see Ben Affleck wearing a suit that looks exactly like the one above. For example, it’s expected that the suit will be black and grey… no blue!

With all that cleared up, I recommend you head over to the source link below to check out this 4-page PDF on the evolution of Batman. It’s pretty cool!

SOURCE: Gulf News