Zack Snyder shares photo of Superman dressed as a Star Wars Jedi

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder doesn’t tweet very often, but when he does it’s always something interesting. Take a look at the photo he just shared on Twitter above. It’s Henry Cavill dressed as Superman, dressed as a Jedi from Star Wars! So what does this is all mean? Here’s my take…

There have been rumors that security is so tight on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that Ben Affleck (Batman), Henry Cavill (Superman), and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) all have to wear big black robes when they’re on set and not filming a scene. It appears that they took a photo of Cavill in one of those robes and then decided to have a little fun in Photoshop and turn it into a Star Wars themed shoot.

With Comic-Con officially kicking off tomorrow, who knows what other surprises Zack Snyder may have up his sleeve. Stay tuned to Batman News for all the latest!