FOX launches new ‘Gotham’ trailer and fan trailer/poster contest

FOX launched a new movie style Gotham trailer this weekend. The trailer concludes with Oswald Cobblepot waddling around like a penguin, hinting at the villain he’s destined to become. They also put up an online newspaper called the Gotham Chronicle to help promote the show.

In addition to the cool new trailer, FOX announced two new contests which task fans with creating their own Gotham poster and/or trailer. The grand-prize winners will win a trip to the New York City premiere party. The Hollywood Reporter has more details:

The poster contest tasks fans to design a one-sheet utilizing specific assets, such as graphics, fonts, images and title cards provided by Fox.

The trailer contest calls on fans to recreate a scene from the new 60-second trailer for the show, which THR debuts below, in whatever fashion they see fit. Fox will then edit together the best submitted scenes and images into a full-length trailer that will debut online for a scene-by-scene recreation of the original.

Both contests end at 11:59 p.m. PT on August 20th, with the winners announced August 27th. The winner of the poster contest will also receive a printed version of their design signed by the cast. For the full rules and assets, go to

Good luck to any Batman News readers who enter! In the gallery below, you’ll find new promo shots of the Gotham cast which can be used in the poster contest. Head on over to FOX’s contest page to download official assets and learn all about the two contests.

SOURCE: FOX (via The Hollywood Reporter)