Futures End #13 review

This issue of Futures End features snatching, brooding, snooping, beating, excluding, and trapping. There are a few actual things that take place this issue that you will enjoy but there’s more that you won’t understand. The issue feels like it has a “form” to it rather than random placement of six stories. To save you money or help you decide if you should buy it, let’s dive into each section.

  1. Tim — I will say this now as it applies for the rest of the issue: Patrick Zircher does an absolutely terrific job on the art. Hi Fi’s colors are great as always too. I remember Zircher’s art from a few issues ago and it’s just as good here. This issue opens up with some excitement. Someone is robbing Tim’s bar. What does Tim do?
    He lets the man take the money and steal his girlfriend’s necklace. Remember Tim gave her that necklace? It’s that one that gets stolen. Later on in the issue he finds the punk that stole it and beats the mess out of him and his friend. Tim’s still doing stuff like that but his passiveness helped show Madison that he isn’t actually Tim Drake.
    This was my favorite section of the issue, and will most likely be yours too.
  2. Mr. Terrific — He’s still upset about the future technology he’s found. He broods about it. We are pointed in the direction that Mr. Terrific is not just the jerk we think he is, that maybe he really does have good intentions. Okay. No spoiler here.
  3. Cadmus Island — Remember when Grifter was attacked by an invisible OMAC? He and Fifty Sue are trying to find out what was up with that, because there should be no stealth OMACs. The exposition is not so much lengthy as it is boring. I could appreciate the humor and Fifty Sue’s mischievousness, but I didn’t “get” this section or why it existed. I suppose I will later.
  4. Terry — Terry, Key, Coil, and Plastique all meet back at Key’s place. You may remember the comparison several issues ago between Key/Plastique and Joker/Harley? I thought they had some interesting comparable characteristics. It was  pretty ironic to see Key make the remark, “Am I the only one who gets how serious this is?!!!” Anyways, Key and the others decide Terry might be trouble and decide not to work with him. That’s the biggest thing that happens here and I don’t feel you will be offended that I didn’t put any of it in spoiler tags. Maybe that says something, maybe not.
  5. Barda/Emiko — Barda and Emiko meet up. They discuss how Barda came to this earth during the war. Emiko tells Barda to trust her. And then…
    I got excited when I recognized Fifty Sue’s face. It meant something was going to happen, and it does! She played the part of a lost little kid. She leads Barda and Emiko into an alley where guess who’s waiting? Deathstroke! He’s there for Barda and is going to kill her or take her back with him. Yeah, so kind of out of the blue, but I’ll take it!

Recommended if:

  • You saw Tim on the cover and got excited.
  • You saw Futures End on the cover and didn’t roll your eyes.
  • You love Patrick Zircher’s art.
  • You’ve got patience and are willing to stick it out for what potentially may be something good after all.


This issue isn’t terrible. Some stuff happens in this issue that furthers the story. Some of it is enjoyable to read and it’s all pleasing to the eye. I didn’t quite “get” each section but other sections shined. Remember, with our scoring system a “5” is average. It’s not a failing score.

SCORE: 5/10