SDCC Exclusive: Kotobukiya’s First Appearance Batman by Bob Kane ArtFX Statue

Besides the star-studded panels, autograph signings, demos of upcoming video games, and other fun and unusual happenings around every San Diego Comic-Con, there’s always one activity that every attendee tries their hand at: nabbing exclusives! If you were a Batman fan at this year’s convention then you know that there was certainly a wide variety of limited-edition Batman merchandise on hand that celebrated the character’s 75 anniversary, but there was only one item that really paid homage to the character’s roots– The First Appearance Batman by Bob Kane ArtFX Statue found at the Kotobukiya booth.

So what exactly makes this a stand-out item for your Batman collection? Quite simply, it’s one of the only pieces of modern Batman memorabilia that comes anywhere close to capturing Bob Kane’s original design of The Dark Knight. Even DC’s Black & White Statue with Kane’s name on it doesn’t possess the key features that separate the Caped Crusader of Detective Comics #27 apart from the countless other incarnations to follow. What Kotobukiya and sculptor Atelier Bamboo have done is perfectly recreate the wide-eared cowl, minimalist chest insignia (emblazoned on a chest painted in silver for a shimmer similar to that of other DC ArtFX statues), and perfectly scalloped cape in painstaking detail. The majority of the suit is shrouded by the cape so we can’t see our hero’s original purple gloves or the round buckle of the over-sized utility belt, but emphasizing cape over costume isn’t actually a terrible trade-off. Despite those other aspects of the iconic 1939 suit being hidden, the statue achieves a bold pose that shows Batman as being both formidable and mysterious. Also, if you turn your gaze to the edge of his billowing cape you can even make out the subtle blue lining of the material’s interior– an often overlooked detail of Bob Kane’s early artwork.  And just like how it’s rare to find a Bob Kane-style Batman figure, it’s also rare to find a Batman figure that isn’t taking an action stance. This Dark Knight’s understated stance has a confident air about it.

The 1/10 scale figure stands at 7 inches tall and comes in a white mailer box detailed in Bob Kane’s Detective Comics #27 artwork presented in black and white on the front and back of the box. Inside you’ll find Batman safely fastened within a plastic clam shell and wrapped in plastic along with a nifty accessory that many fans of Kotobukiya statues will be accustomed to and that’s the square black display base. A closer look at the soles of Batman’s boots reveals tiny embedded magnets that have an instant attraction with the heavy black tile and ensure that your new figurine never topples. The magnetic approach also allows for more variety in the way you display your figure than peg-style statues, and it’s great for posing him with other Kotobukiya figures in your collection.

The First Appearance Batman by Bob Kane statue was only available in limited supply to SDCC attendees and a select few non-attendees who pre-ordered through back in June.