Extended ‘Gotham’ TV spot teases the Joker (video)

Last month FOX released a TV spot for Gotham titled “The Good. The Evil. The Beginning.” and now they’ve uploaded an extended version. We see our hero James Gordon walking through a crime scene as he glances at villains like Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, and mob boss Fish Mooney. There’s even a small Joker reference at the 35 second mark when we hear a laugh as blood appears on a body bag in the shape of a smile.

The Joker has been confirmed for Gotham, but the producers plan to keep fans guessing by placing Easter Eggs in each episode. The pilot episode features a stand up comedian and more Joker teases will pop up as the show goes on, before he’s officially revealed at some point down the road. Other characters confirmed for the show include Mr. Freeze, Salvatore Maroni, Hugo Strange, and Harvey Dent.

Gotham premieres September 22nd on FOX.

VIA: Comic Book Movie