A closer look at Mondo’s Batman: The Animated Series vinyl albums

Before San Diego Comic-Con, we let you know that Mondo was planning an exclusive line of Batman: The Animated Series 7-inch vinyl albums just for the event. However, if you were watching my Twitter on the week of SDCC you would’ve seen that Mondo’s Man-Bat vinyls were absent from the booth due to some shipping delays that kept the fold-out covers from arriving at San Diego in time for the convention. This not only meant that Kirk Langstrom’s foray into the music business would have to wait until a later date, but that the Man-Bat cover would have to be made available to the public rather than just a select few SDCC badge-holders! And, well, if you’re going to release one of the albums online publicly you might as well release them all and that’s exactly what Mondo did last Thursday (again, this was a thing I brought up on Twitter).

I hope this little gallery of my own collection helps to at least satisfy your curiosity about what these items look like up-close and out of their covers. It should give you an idea of the kind of quality work Mondo puts into each piece so you’ll be sure to shop from their official store the next time they have a Batman sale (tip: watch their Twitter account as sales go live at random times and things have a knack for sell out in no-time at all) . Mondo was good enough to go ahead and send me a Man-Bat on Friday so I have my complete set a little early– and I have to say that the packaging was outstanding. We’re talking multiple layers of cardboard to ensure not a single bend or crease occurred during shipping.

Mondo will have a Batman 75th Anniversary Gallery Show in Austin, Texas between October 24th and November 15th and I’ve been assured that we can expect even more Batman merchandise leading up to that big event so stay tuned.