Ben Affleck injured on ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ set? This video backs up that claim

Ben Affleck injured his shoulder early last week on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set, Star reports:

The 41-year-old was sent home from set after straining his body due to a complicated move using his left shoulder. “It was hurting him pretty bad,” a source reveals. “He’s putting his all into this role and it’s pretty physically demanding. The trips to the gym are two, sometimes three times a day and on set he’s like a machine.”

Now I know what you’re thinking… “isn’t Star a tabloid?”. Yes they are, but I think they might be right here. Check out the video above. That was our first look at Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, and Affleck can clearly be seen nursing his left shoulder as an EMS provider checks it out.

The very next day, Affleck’s stunt double was doing all the heavy lifting… literally. The scene involved Bruce Wayne picking up a small child and Affleck didn’t participate. Check out video of that scene below:

The good news is that this doesn’t appear to be a serious injury. Affleck was spotted back on set just a few days after the reported injury. Let’s hope Batman can stay healthy for the rest of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shoot. Production is expected to wrap up around November.