Futures End #15 review

There is nothing more I can say that is new/profound/exciting about this issue or this series as a whole. Perhaps if I had more of an attachment to the characters or a general feeling that I cared about what might happen, then maybe I’d be more than blasé about it, but that’s just a personal and subjective thing with no fault to the creators, writers, artists, and editors involved. On the flip-side, when I try to read Futures End as objectively as possible, I am still not impressed. This issue doesn’t combat those feelings at all.

  1. Metropolis — Our masked Superman makes the most visually stunning appearance in this issue. Of course he still cusses (this can’t be Clark) and acts less than mature. He’s on the hunt for Rampage (remember how she went crazy after Ethan Boyer screwed her over?) and he’s found her. Apparently this is happening weeks into the future, which is a problem with this series. When is all this stuff happening? Is it all simultaneous? Are the things going on with Mr. Terrific, Tim, and Terry taking weeks to accomplish as well? It’s wack. But “Superman” finds Rampage on a bridge and apparently punches her into several cars causing damage and threatening the lives of innocent civilians. I say apparently because the action lines don’t add up. He is swinging away from her, she is butt first in a car. On the surface, sure, it doesn’t look wildly terrible, but what is depicted is not clear. Also, why wouldn’t Superman just swoop in there and fly away with her, causing no harm to anyone and at the very least just dropping her in the river. Maybe that is a testament to this Superman’s immaturity. Regardless, Rampage hurls a bus off the bridge and by the time he catches the bus and brings it to safety, Rampage, this fly-less monster of a being, has ran away and Superman gives up on finding her. He claims he’s been looking for her for weeks, but c’mon, she’s rampaging around everywhere and you’re telling me you can’t find the creature that’s responsible for all the destruction? And if you can’t find her for weeks, you’re telling me you’re not fast enough to fly around and see where she is? Superman was literally away saving that bus for all of five seconds and he can’t make it back in time. It’s ridiculous. It does, however, allow for a very unimportant conversation between Superman and Lois Lane (weird facial Avatar-like expressions and all) that recaps what we’ve already known. It’s a pointless section to remind us that Superman is looking for Ethan Boyer and suggest that Superman may have something going on underneath that mask. So yeah, pointless.
  2. An Uncharted Planet in the Huron Star System — Frankenstein, Amethyst and Hawkman are all locked up in a prison cell, and have been so for weeks now. Frankie looks like he is sleeping. A lot of chatter goes on between Hawkman and Lady Amethyst and they might fall in love, or not. The paltry talking goes on for four pages only to be interrupted by Frankenstein who wakes from his slumber. He’s had a dream and guess what? He hasn’t dreamt in two-hundred years. Wow, this is a big moment. He dreams that there is a terrible future coming. Next scene.
  3. No section heading here, just figure it out or something — Cole Cash and Slade are angry with one another over Cash sneaking around with Fifty Sue. Guys, if you aren’t sure, know that these stealth OMACs are a big deal. Mister Miracle, who is being held at Cadmus, has found a way to escape and communicate with other Earth-2 prisoners. Cadmus has implanted metallic monitors on the prisoners and the implants are growing. Could this be where these cyborg hybrids come from? It’s a thought.
  4. The Horn of Africa — “Constantine realizes he’s on to something much bigger than he thought as the events of five years from now begin to collide!” This is straight from the solicitations and it’s exactly what happens in this section. That and we get another glimpse at the red monster guy walking in the sand.

Recommended if:

  • You want to follow every detail of Futures End.
  • You have $2.99 extra credit at your local comic shop and you have to spend it on a weekly title from DC that’s not Batman Eternal.


It’s another issue that is easily forgettable. It simply serves to remind us of things we already know and gives us very little to further the story.

SCORE: 3/10