Exclusive: Bruce Wayne is a big MMA fan in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, I thought I’d share a small Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scoop with you. Minor spoilers follow…

Ben Affleck shot a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scene inside the Masonic Temple in Detroit last week, and a source told Batman News exactly what went down.

The Masonic Temple is a reception hall for weddings, parties, banquets, etc. and they transformed a large kitchen into an underground MMA fighting arena and bar. Kind of like in the movie Fight Club. People from all types of backgrounds were down there betting on which fighter would win. And in walks our hero…

Bruce Wayne shows up to bet, which makes people wonder “what’s this billionaire doing here?”. Wayne replies to that by saying “I’m kind of a night person” and ends up having a discussion with someone at the bar.

Now that you’ve had a year to think it over, do you feel any differently about Ben Affleck as Batman? What do you think about the scene above? Sound off in the comments below!

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