Jason Momoa does not look pleased posing with Aquaman’s trident (photo)

Jason Momoa being cast as Aquaman is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s worst kept secret. While we wait for Warner Bros. to finally confirm it and release an official photo, this may be our best look. Tumblr user “dashurie” blogged about meeting Momoa earlier this week at a Comic-Con in Brisbane, Australia. She went as Mera and snapped a photo with Momoa holding an Aquaman-like trident. Just look at his face! I think that says it all…

Met Jason at Brisbane Comic Con!

He was so lovely! I asked him who his favourite comic book character was and he said he felt like he was Lobo [in real life]. I couldn’t have agreed more. He also hugged me!! What an adorably friendly chap.

Also, apologies for the dodgy outfit and trident; I made them in two days.

Warner Bros. is reportedly working on an Aquaman movie, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder recently called into a radio show to defend the character. It’s almost all but confirmed that Momoa will play Aquaman.

SOURCE: dashurie (Tumblr)