December 2014 Solicitations

Woo hoo! We’ve got Annuals, Christmas stories, and I’m going to be broke and completely unsocial on Christmas Eve! DC released their official solicitations for December of this year, and I’m bringing them here to you! Be warned, this whole post is practically one large spoiler! If you don’t want to have a glimpse into the future, then don’t read any further. I’m serious! I’m not putting a full post in Spoiler Tags, so you’ve been warned. Turn back now!

Alright, if you’re still with me, below you’ll find the solicitations for each issue, as well as the cover art (if DC has released it). The titles aren’t listed in any particular order (accept how DC had them listed on their site – which is mostly alphabetical). I’m not putting the talent credits in this post because there’s already a ton of information here. But you know me… I can’t post anything without adding my two cents, so you’ll see some of my randomness for a few titles. Make sure you give me a piece of your mind in the comments as well! I want to hear what you’re excited about, worried about, your predictions, etc… If you have something to say, I want to know!

December 2014

Arkham Manor 3

Arkham Manor #3
All is not as it seems as Batman’s plans unravel in Arkham Manor, and Jack Shaw investigates the serial killer who’s murdering inmates!

Release Date: 12/24

I think I’m going to love this book! I know it will most likely be too dark for some, but I’m completely on-board!


Batman Superman 17

Batman/Superman #17
Who is Superman’s Joker? It seems it’s the Unseen Terror, who makes the battle personal for Superman! How? By attacking all things related to the Man of Steel! Together, Batman and Superman start to track down suspects – and the first one is Lobo!

Release Date: 12/17

Will this be the new Lobo, or the old Lobo? I’m not really sure what the difference is, but it seemed like a relevant question to ask.


Batman Eternal 39

Batman Eternal #35
The events of BATMAN ETERNAL have changed the world of Batman for months – jump on here to see the new world order! The third act begins with a bang, as Gotham City’s police have done the impossible – they’ve beaten Batman!

Release Date: 12/03


Batman Eternal #36
The Batmobile is in flames, and Batman’s enemies have won…but reporter Vicki Vale has learned the secret that could turn everything around!

Release Date: 12/07


Batman Eternal #37
Only Catwoman can help Batman now, but Catwoman is long gone! In her place? A woman more ruthless than Batman ever expected…

Release Date: 12/17


Batman Eternal #38
The refugees from Arkham Asylum think there’s safety in numbers – but not if one of them is Bane!

Release Date: 12/24


Batman Eternal #39
Someone has pieced together the mystery behind the plot to crush Gotham City…but it’s not Batman! The Riddler knows all – and he’ll never tell!

Release Date: 12/31

Batman has lost! Catwoman! Bane! THERE IS AN OWL ON THE COVER OF ISSUE 39! And the Riddler is there too if you look carefully! (passes out)


Batman 37

Batman #37
The ultra top-secret Batman arc known only as “Endgame,” continues – it’s a story arc so steeped in mystery, all we can tell you is the title!

Release Date: 12/10


Batman Annual 3

Batman Annual #3
Don’t miss this top-secret tale that ties in to the “Endgame” storyline running now in BATMAN – sorry, but that’s all we can tell you! Trust us – it’s going to be big!

Release Date: 12/24

I’m ready for them to hurry up and shed some light on this arc. Not necessarily to know something, but because I feel that the longer they say, “We can’t tell you anything because it’s that awesome!” then the more let down people will be…


Batman & Robin 37

Batman and Robin #37
Batman vs. Darkseid! The penultimate chapter of “Robin Rises” is here! Can Batman bring Damian Wayne back from death? Concluded in this month’s Robin Rises: Alpha

Release Date: 12/17


Robin Rises Alpha 1

Robin Rises: Alpha #1
It all ends here! Batman’s been to the hells of Apokalips and back just to retrieve his son’s body.  But what has he brought back with him? And who is the new Robin?

Release Date: 12/24

Ok DC… You’re either going to make my Christmas, or you’re going to ruin it!!! You better not ruin it!!! For all of the little kids, sitting next to their tree in their PJs on a fine Christmas Eve morning, downloading their comics on Comixology… give them Damian back. The real Damian. Think of the children!


 Batgirl 37

 Batgirl # 37
The Batgirl of Burnside is the name on everyone’s lips…but she sure is acting strange since she took up residence in Gotham City’s outer borough! Dangerous joyrides? Photo ops? Sequins? Either Barbara Gordon’s gone off the deep end – or there’s a doppelganger under that cowl!

Release Date: 12/10

There’s a ten page preview for October’s issue floating around out there. I’m tempted to read it, but I’d rather wait for the issue itself. It looks as if the general reaction to the preview is positive, so there could be some great work that comes out of this team.


Batwoman 37
The cultish crimes continue to corrupt Gotham City – and their next target is…Clayface? Also, Batwoman’s toxic connection to Nocturna continues to spiral down to a place where even demons fear to tread!

Release Date: 12/17

Hey! Look at that! Nocturna is on the cover… maybe the creative will completely wrap up a story at some point… too bad the characterization has been terrible.


Batman 66 18

Batman ’66 #18

Two Bat-tales in one issue! When Barbara Gordon finds her library attacked by the Bookworm, it’s time for Batgirl to sprint into action. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin find things in Gotham City turned upside down when the Archer steals the GCPD’s computer and gives the criminals the upper hand on the police.

Release Date: 12/24


Catwoman 37

Catwoman #37
“Family Business” part 3! Black Mask strikes! He’s out for blood – and Selina’s place on the throne of Gotham City’s criminal underworld!

Release Date: 12/17


Catwoman Annual 2

Catwoman Annual 2
The Hasagaua crime family has been a big thorn in Selina’s side as she grapples with the underworld. Now learn the secret of how their stories intersect!

Release Date: 12/24

Bring. It. On!


Detective Comics 37

Detective Comics #37
Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato return – and now’s the time to take back Gotham City! Anarky now!

Release Date: 12/03


Earth 2 29

 Earth 2 #29
The displaced masses taking shelter in Chicago run for their lives when an unbelievable force descends on the city. Scattered and frantic, Barbara and Dick Grayson hunt for shelter and find a safe haven that hides a sinister secret. Will the two make it out alive with their son?

Release Date: 12/03


Earth 2 Worlds End 11

Earth 2: World’s End #9
Outgunned, outnumbered and outmatched, The World Army led by Mister Miracle and Big Barda begin their invasion of Apokolips!

Release Date: 12/3


Earth 2: World’s End #10
Darkseid rises!

Release Date: 12/10


Earth 2: World’s End #11
Mister Miracle battles Darkseid – with the fate of the New Gods and Earth-2 as the stakes!

Release Date: 12/17


Earth 2: World’s End #12
The epic battle rages on as elemental Avatars of Earth-2 try to take down The Furies of Apokolips!

Release Date: 12/24


Earth 2: World’s End #13
Will Huntress become a casualty of war?

Release Date: 12/31

Earth 2 has really been disappointing me lately, but I really feel like they’re just stalling to get to the Earth 2/ Earth 2: World’s End plot.


Gotham Academy 3

Gotham Academy #3
If you thought getting detention was a pain, just wait till you see detention Gotham Academy-style!

Release Date: 12/03

I wasn’t sure about this book at first, but I’m actually getting really excited about it! There seems to be quite a bit of buzz around it, so that’s a good sign!


Gotham After Midnight 2

Gotham by Midnight #2

Internal Affairs Agent Rook is learning the Midnight Shift really does have the hard cases – and Jim Corrigan may not be able to bail him out. At least, not without some divine intervention! But can Corrigan risk letting loose the wrath of God, especially against a departed sister?

Release Date: 12/24


Grayson 5 

Grayson #5
Grayson is on a mission to stop Paragon from using the body parts of a dead villain to create something far more sinister!

Release Date: 12/03


Grayson Annual 1

Grayson Annual #1
At last – it’s the secret origin of Helena Bertinelli!

Release Date: 12/24

I just peed my pants!!!!!!


 Harley Quinn Holiday

Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1
We got you a present, comics fans – a gut-busting (sometimes literally) collection of short stories featuring Harley and her special brand of holiday cheer! Can she get through Christmas dinner without blowing something up? Who will survive the war of the department-store Santas? Don’t miss this one – after all, you can’t spell “holidays” without “Harley!” (Give or take a couple letters.)

Release Date: 12/10


 Harley Quinn 13

Harley Quinn #13
Harley Quinn and Power Girl! The team-up that no one said could last ends with spectacular violence!

Release Date: 12/24


Infinite Crisis 6

Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #6
Arcane Supergirl, Zatanna and Zod are already battling impossible odds when Arcane Doomsday suddenly materializes back into their world. But help is on the way, as friends are reunited and one very surprising visitor from the Gaslight Universe tries to lend a hand.

Release Date: 12/17


Injustice Year 3 5

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #5
On Themyscira, Ares, the God of War, explains to Hippolyta that Wonder Woman’s coma is no natural thing. Meanwhile, in the Tower of Fate, Constantine and his allies deal with their losses and try to determine who was responsible for the carnage. It’s time to try to recruit a new ally from the mystic realm. But whose side will he actually be on?

Release Date: 12/03
Injustice Year 3 6

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #6
Swamp Thing has an answer for Constantine’s request, but it’s not the one the mage had hoped to hear – and a major rift severs the uneasy alliance these two have shared. Plus, Constantine tells Batman that they now have a new, more deadly foe to face!

Release Date: 12/17

I just peed my pants again!


Justice League 37

Justice League #37
Super heroes are no more! What it means to be human is in question! The world is on the brink of a new stage of evolution – or total extinction! – and it’s up to the Justice League to save it! “THE AMAZO VIRUS” continues to devastate the Western World as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor struggle to not only contain the virus, but cure those affected by it. But as they work against the clock, a legion of assassins is out for Lex Luthor’s head. Will the Justice League protect Luthor…or the world?

Release Date: 12/17

I’m really excited for this arc! This won’t be something that the League can use brawn to defeat, so I’m hoping for an intellectual story that shows off the best of Batman and Luthor.


JL 3000 12

Justice League 3000 #11
Two words: Blue and Gold. Well, okay, three. Three words, the Blue and the Go…Wait, that’s four words. Okay, let’s try this. The team of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are BACK! By Giffen and DeMatteis! Is the universe ready for either of them…? Are you?

Release Date: 12/3


Legends of the Dark Knight 5

Legends of the Dark Knight 100 Page Super-Spectacular #5
In “Hell’s Bells,” Batman’s latest altercation with the Gotham City Police Department forces him to improvise, when they converge on a suspect – and the police try to take him out instead. Plus two other stories featuring the Dark Knight Detective!

Release Date: 12/10


 Multiversity Thunderworld

The Multiversity: Thunderworld #1
The fifth chapter of the greatest adventure in DC Comics history is here!

Acclaimed for their collaborations on BATMAN AND ROBIN, SEAGUY and SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY: THE MANHATTAN GUARDIAN, superstar writer Grant Morrison and renowned artist Cameron Stewart deliver some magic to THE MULTIVERSITY with a breathtaking journey to  Earth-5 – A.K.A. Thunderworld!

With a single word, Billy Batson transforms from boy reporter for Whiz Media into the world’s Mightiest Mortal – Captain Marvel! Along with the other members of the Marvel Family, Captain Marvel battles dastardly villains like Mr. Mind and the Monster Society of Evil! But now, his greatest foe has attacked the Rock of Eternity – the source of the Marvel Family’s power – and it could mean the end of reality as we know it! What impossible villains are Sivana teaming up with who could spell doom for the Multiverse? From where did Sivana’s children get their newfound super powers? And what does the appearance of one mysterious comic book mean for the heroes of Thunderworld?

Find out all that and more in this exciting issue that acts as chapter five of THE MULTIVERSITY.

Release Date: 12/17

Woo hoo for Thunderworld! This might be the issue I’m not most excited about…


 Futures End 31

New 52 Futures’ End #31
After the revelations of the last two issues, the Endgame begins! One hero retires, another reconsiders his career, and the world says goodbye to a third.

Release Date: 12/03


New 52 Futures’ End #32
Mr. Terrific’s been promising for months that the uSphere will change the world – but what happens when his promises push Manhattan to max capacity on release day? And Stormwatch finds their way back from a trip through the Multiverse – but they may not be as welcome as they thought.

Release Date: 12/10


New 52 Futures’ End #33
Firestorm is back in action! But any worries that they may now be stuck together won’t matter if they’re struck down by the new Dr. Polaris! Plus: Giant monsters battle in space!

Release Date: 12/17


New 52 Futures’ End #34
Thirty-five years from now, Brother Eye continues to prove that he won’t allow himself to be beaten. Five years from now, it’s clear that he may already have won.

Release Date: 12/24
New 52 Futures’ End #35
The power shifts of the last few issues place on one man’s shoulders the weight of protecting the world against the threat that destroyed Stormwatch! There’s no stopping from here to the end.

Release Date: 12/31

Am I reading into that first solicitation too much, or will Batman: Endgame take place five years in the future? Enough of the future! However, I LOVE that cover!
New Suicide Squad 5

New Suicide Squad #5
A super-powered arms race could mean the end of the world – so the Squad is sent into China to stop the creation of a militarized Justice League! Nothing can prepare them – or you – for horror they find!

Release Date: 12/10

Boomerang? Really? What was the point of “rebooting” this book?


Red Hood 37

Red Hood & the Outlaws #37
Revealed at last: the secret history of Roy Harper and Oliver Queen in The New 52!

Release Date: 12/17

And… I think I’ll be picking up this issue!


Red Hood Annual 2

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2
Red Hood, Arsenal and Starfire face the one enemy they may not be able to defeat: the holidays!

Release Date: 12/24


 Secret Origins 8

Secret Origins #8
Three more stars of the DC Universe shine as their origin stories are revealed! Don’t miss the DC Comics – The New 52 origins of Grayson by Tim Seeley, Tom King and Stephen Mooney; Animal Man by Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman; and Katana by Ann Nocenti Cliff Richards!

Release Date: 12/24

I don’t want to complain about getting a Dick Grayson story – I’ll take as much as I can get – but I’m not completely sure why we’re getting a Secret Origin issue that’s separate than his Robin origin. I know they’ll go more into how he started with Spyral, but I almost feel like it’s going to be a re-hashing of Nightwing #30. We’ll also see Katana’s origin, which I would be excited about, but it’s written by Ann Nocenti. That being said, Katana: Soul Taker was way better than anything she provided for Catwoman…


 Teen Titans 5

Teen Titans #5
As a deadly new drug hits the streets of New York City, the Titans take on a new team member!

Release Date: 12/17

New member, hmm? I wonder who it will be? Sound off in the comments. Who do you want to see?


Teen Titans Go 7

Tiny Titans Go!
When Starfire develops a massive crush on the latest teen pop sensation, Robin will stop at nothing to recapture her attention – even if he must become a teen idol himself! Plus: Cyborg gets an awesome new jacket!

Release Date: 12/17

Worlds Finest 29
World’s Finest #29
The secret history of Earth-2 continues! Superman tracks an Apokolips probe to Paradise, where finds an older woman – and she’s a wonder he never expected to meet! Meanwhile, Batman and Lois Lane collide on the trail of terrorists, but find a thief who’s way ahead of them…

Release Date: 12/10

Earth 2 Catwoman is on the cover! Ask, and ye shall receive!
Additional Notes:

So… Secret Six debuts this month. I’m extremely excited for this, BUT, I’m not sure if it’s something we’ll cover on the website. I’m trying to figure out who all of the team members are. We know Catman will lead the team, and that Black Alice will also be involved, but I’m not certain about the other four. Two of them look like Shauna Belzer (the new Ventriloquist) and a Talon (possibly Strix). I feel like these two would make sense because they’re both characters that Gail created… I don’t have the slightest clue about the other two though…

There also wasn’t anything for the Batman Beyond Universe for December. I don’t recall seeing that the title is ending, so I’ll try to do some research and figure out what’s going on.