Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #3 review

Where the last two issues have been rather jumbled and spent more time explaining and less time showing any really crisis, this latest issue of Infinite Crisis is focused in a good way.  We are given a sense of actual progression through the story, and we’re presented with an action-filled and entertaining romp through the War World-less Multiverse.

This issue collects Digital First issues #7-9, and I’ll go on record saying that this has been the most coherent and immersive issue of the three so far.  After the destruction of Earth-48, our band of heroes is sent to Earth-17, better known as Atomic Earth.  The five are there to take the fight to The Two-Faced, and their personalities are fleshed out more as they explore the wastelands of Atomic Earth.

On top of the story, the action just seeps through the pages in this issue.  There is so much radioactive-survivors-versus-interdimensional-superhero combat and it is oh so satisfying.  Each hero has their own moment where they shine, and I found myself actively rooting for people who I thought were shallow (Gaslight Catwoman), just background characters (Atomic Wonder Woman), or were obnoxious (Nightmare Robin).  The fight against the forces of The Two-Faced is exhilarating, and on top of everything else, I found myself with an emotion I hadn’t come across in comics in a while: fear.  In a series outside of the main continuity, anything goes; and there were two or three moments where I was genuinely scared for the lives of the characters.  It’s a good thing.

There’s something else I’ve come to realize about Infinite Crisis; this series has, by far, some of the coolest weaponry I’ve seen in any comic anywhere.  I mean, look at it!  Atomic Wonder Woman has a chainsaw attached to what looks like a Stop sign pole, Arcane Green Lantern has a ridiculous-looking lantern and all the D&D paraphernalia one could ask for, and Nightmare Robin has some crazy backwards scythe or something like that.  It just adds to the Mad Max feel of this world, and the background provided by AWW (I’m coining that nickname) institutes a sadly believably backstory to this universe.

Unfortunately, the artwork was a huge detriment to the flow of this issue and was incredibly jarring.  The first two-thirds went by without much of a hitch, though I took small issues with how Gaslight Catwoman was drawn.  The entire third act was a different artist, and normally I wouldn’t have any problems with such a change.  All the art by ACO completely threw my flow for a loop, probably because some of the characters didn’t even look the same as the first two parts.  The Two-Faced in particular looked absolutely nothing like what I was accustomed to, and it just didn’t work for me.

Other than that, I really liked this issue.  The creativity is really starting to show, and my expectations are rising for this series.


  • I love Earth-17 so much.  It’s straight out of the Fallout games and Mad Max.  Gotham is called “The Burn,” Batman and Robin were both killed in the nuclear war, and over 97% of the world’s population was wiped out in an instant.  I liked how AWW called it “an accident” which started the nuclear war.
  • The Two-Faced coin-flip routine really spoke to the character and that, regardless of the change to the environment or the appearance, these heroes and villains still have the same core.  It’s a theme that’s pretty much throughout the entire issue.
  • Bane was pretty gross.  He reminded me of that crab guy from Frisky Dingo.  I also enjoyed how his “Venom” power was radiation-based.  Ties into the theme of his respective universe.
  • AGL seems to have some secrets in his past, based off of how he always thinks he’s out of power but seems to find more.  Wiping the floor with Bane’s army and protecting the heroes from The Two-Faced’s god-blast seemed to use a lot of energy, energy which AGL didn’t seem to think he had.
  • Having Selina and Bruce both hold the key after they had beaten The Two-Faced was cool to see.  These items that will be battled over seem to be too dangerous for their own good.  Stakes are raised again!
  • I’m getting some bad vibes from The Monitor, just a thought.

Favorite Quote: “It’s ironic.  Contradictory.  All I want is peace.  Even if I have to fight for it.” – Atomic Wonder Woman.

Recommended If…

  • You want to explore more of this Multiverse.
  • You enjoy team up books.
  • An awesome Wonder Woman appeals to you.


Since its rather weak and uneven start, Infinite Crisis has become a rather fun book and exciting book.  Its creative reimagining of stalwart DC heroes and villains has started to rub off on me, and I’m actually starting to look forward to this title every week. (Don’t tell anyone, but I may have been skipping ahead with the Digital First issues)

SCORE: 7.5/10