10 more Batman themed TV shows we’d like to see

9. Gotham Central

Gotham Central

Gotham Central is the series that a lot of comic book fans suspected Gotham would be when it was first announced, and while that show existing now makes the chances of this incredible story ever being brought to the small screen a little slimmer, it would be amazing to get an adaptation of this somewhere down the line. The Eisner award winning comic book  focused on a group of detectives as they dealt with the aftermath of Batman’s actions in the city and a number of his villains and DC Comics storylines. It would be fascinating to make this a really dark and gritty HBO or Netflix series set in the same world as Batman v Superman, with the spotlight put on the team during pivotal moments in the Caped Crusader’s history just as the comic book did. Get Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka to write, and you have an instant Emmy winner!