10 more Batman themed TV shows we’d like to see

4. Catwoman


While her awful solo outing (starring Halle Berry) is a movie we’d all like to forget exists, Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway have shown that there’s a lot of potential for Catwoman. With The Dark Knight Trilogy over, a spin-off starring the latter actress that many fans wanted to see happen will likely never become a reality, but the small screen could be the perfect place for this fan-favourite character. We’re going to see a young Selina Kyle in Gotham, and while it will be pretty interesting to see those early years further explored, a series dealing with her life as a costumed thief and vigilante ultimately holds a lot more appeal. There are a lot of superhero TV shows now airing or on the way, and very few of them have female leads. With DC taking over television, bringing one of their best female characters to this arena would be a very smart move!