10 more Batman themed TV shows we’d like to see

2. Batgirl


Like the other female superheroes listed here, Batgirl has the potential to fill a serious void in the male-dominated market. However, the reasons why the character has taken such a high spot in this list are many. Firstly, the fact that her father is Commissioner Jim Gordon would add an interesting wrinkle to Batgirl’s vigilante activities, and looking at some of her adventures in “The New 52” continuity for inspiration leaves us with a lot of great directions to take this one in too. Setting the series after the altercation with The Joker (which left Barbara in a wheelchair for a time) seems sensible, as would making her insane brother James a recurring character. This is a superhero series which would have not only an ass-kicking Batgirl as lead, but also a family dynamic which makes it stand out somewhat from many of our other suggestions.