Upcoming Comics October 1st, 2014

Damn! This is going to be a good week! There are a lot of strong titles coming out this week, plus the debut of Gotham Academy! AND my birthday is Saturday! The only thing that would make this week better would be winning the lottery so I could quit my day job!

This week’s releases are listed in order of what I’m most excited to read, to what I’m least excited to read. For each title, I’ll include the official solicitation, the talent credits, more of my randomness, and the Batman News team member that will be covering each book. And of course, I (we) want to hear from you! What titles are you picking up? What do you hope to see? And what are your thoughts about the order of my list? So, without further ado…

October 1st

Grayson 3
Grayson #3
A secret mission. A partner in danger. Dick Grayson draws his gun. Will the heir to Batman pull the trigger? Also featuring the stunning, not to be missed debut of a new key player in the DC Universe: the world’s greatest spy, the Tiger.

Art by: Mikel Janin
Cover by: Mikel Janin
Variant cover by: Clay Mann, Jan Duursema-Mandrake
Written by: Tom King, Tim Seeley

Random Blurb of Excitement: Leave me alone until I’ve read this issue!

Batman News Critic: Jesse


Injustice Year 2 Annual
Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two Annual #1
Featuring two untold tales! Hal Jordan’s alliance with Sinestro is tenuous at best. How can it continue? Then, as the resistance in Gotham City digs in, Commissioner Gordon works with his daughter Barbara for the first time. But their time together is running out!

Art by: David Yardin, Jheremy Raapack
Cover by: Jheremy Raapack
Written by: Marguerite Bennett, Tom Taylor

Random Blurb of Excitement: My heart is already breaking because of one part of this issue… I’m curious to see if these stories alter our perception of what’s happened during the past year.

Batman News Critic: Elena


Batman Eternal 26
Batman Eternal #26
Martial law is imposed on Gotham City! Learn the secret history of one of Batman’s most dangerous foes as he takes center stage!

Art by: R.M. Guera
Cover by: Clay Mann
Written by: Tim Seeley, Kyle Higgins, Ray Fawkes, James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder

Random Blurb of Excitement: I checked out the preview of this issue, and it looks good… well, the writing anyway. Guera’s art looks pretty atrocious – at least on this title. I don’t think I’d mind this style of art on an indie title, but I expect a little more with something as large scale as Eternal.

Batman News Critic: Brandon


Gotham Academy 1
Gotham Academy #1
WELCOME TO GOTHAM ACADEMY! Gotham City’s most prestigious prep school is a very weird place. It’s got a spooky campus, oddball teachers, and rich benefactors always dropping by…like that weirdo Bruce Wayne. But nothing is as strange is the students!

Art by: Karl Kerschl
Cover by: Karl Kerschl
Variant cover by: Becky Cloonan
Written by: Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan

Random Blurb of Excitement: The more I see about this book, the more excited I get! This is definitely a fresh approach to Gotham, and it honestly makes sense. The creative team has compared it to Harry Potter in tone, and I’ve been getting Buffy vibes from interviews as well. That’s not to say this book will be packed with witches, wizards, and vampires, the comparisons come more from the relationships that the characters have with one another.

Batman News Critic: Josh


Detective Comics 35
Detective Comics #35
In the first chapter of a two-part tale by the guest team of writer Ben Percy and artist John Paul Leon, a civilian appearance at Gotham Airport turns into a horror show for Batman when a plane full of dead passengers arrives on the runway! What happened – and what can Bruce Wayne do about it?

Art by: John Paul Leon
Cover by: John Paul Leon
Variant cover by: Cliff Chiang, Becky Cloonan
Written by: Ben Percy

Random Blurb of Excitement: This will be a quick, two issues and done, story. I don’t want to say that I’m not excited or interested, but I think I would be a little more interested if we hadn’t just come off a full month of one-shots. Regardless, I look forward to seeing what the fill-in team does.

Batman News Critic: Brandon


Batman 66 Green Hornet 5
Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet #5
The Dynamic Duo are prisoners of General Gumm and trapped beneath a giant pasta stamp, about to be turned into Bat-spaghetti. Meanwhile, the explorer Signor Bollo is about to hit Gotham City with a crippling lawsuit for the loss of his valuable collection, and the authorities have no choice but to recruit the outlaw Green Hornet to help them recover it. Holy conundrums! The pot boils over in this penultimate issue!

Art by: Ty Templeton
Cover by: Alex Ross
Written by: Ralph Garman, Kevin Smith

Random Blurb of Excitement: There’s only one issue left after this one! Let’s enjoy it while we can!

Batman News Critic: Jay


Justice League 34
Justice League #34
Paranoid survivalist. Wanted fugitive. Damned soul. Meet the newest member of the Justice League: Jessica Cruz, a.k.a. Power Ring! With the most dangerous weapon in the universe in her possession, Jessica has been transformed into a dark prophet – one who will force the other members of the League to confront their greatest fears in preparation for a horrific new threat. Meanwhile, Batman and Lex Luthor continue their mission to cure the world of super-villains – but will the extremes they’re willing to go to threaten even their closest allies? Lex hopes so.

Art by: Keith Champagne, Doug Mahnke
Cover by: Ethan Van Sciver
Variant cover by: Dale Eaglesham, Rags Morales
Written by: Geoff Johns

Random Blurb of Excitement: I feel like this book is still in a Forever Evil limbo… I don’t think the past couple of issues have been bad, but I don’t really think they’ve gone anywhere either. There have been some really nice character moments, but considering we spend a good while with the Justice League gone, I’m really ready for a faster, more team oriented plot… Does anyone else agree?

Batman News Critic: Jesse


Batman Superman 14
Batman/Superman #14
Part 2 of “Forgotten Heroes” finds the new team of Catwoman and Superman taking on Gotham City – and there’s nothing Batman or Lois Lane can do to stop them!

Art by: Jae Lee
Cover by: Jae Lee
Written by: Greg Pak

Random Blurb of Excitement: I just don’t know about this title… I think its ok at best, and the delays its had definitely haven’t helped.

Batman News Critic: Jesse


Futures End 22
Futures End #22
How will the world react to discovering the identity of the masked Superman?

Art by: Patrick Zircher
Cover by: Ryan Sook
Written by: Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello

Random Blurb of Excitement: I cheated, and caught up on some plot points with Jesse’s post. First off, let me say that it seems like this book is moving in some really interesting directions! I’m most likely going to bring it back into my rotation. That being said, I think I know part of the problem with this book. I don’t think it ever gets a full “thought” out. It’s almost as if it tries to cover each plot evenly in each issue, and I just don’t think that works. Eternal seems to be working out as a much better formula by putting a focus on a specific plot for each issue. I think you feel more accomplished when you can mainly focus on one plot for at least ¾ of the issue, rather than getting a tidbit of information, and jumping to the next plot.

But for all of you out there that dropped this book… it might be time to pick it back up! Check out Jesse’s recap and let Jesse know if you do plan on jumping back in!

Also, on a complete side note – and I’ve thought this sense day one, but have never brought it up – every time I type Jesse’s name, I can’t help but think of the way Nathan Fillion says the name “Jesse” in the episode “Out of Gas” from Firefly. Considering he’s from Oklahoma (and I grew up in East Texas, so it’s not too far away), it just seems fitting. IF you’re familiar with Firefly, then you’ll understand. If not, you’re probably going to be confused and think I’m crazy.

Batman News Critic: Jesse


Justice League 3000 10
Justice League 3000 #10
Don’t miss the JLA3K’s final battle against the fury of The Five!

Art by: Howard Porter
Cover by: Howard Porter
Written by: J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen

Random Blurb of Excitement: I haven’t been reading this book, so I can’t really say anything about it. If you’re excited about this issue, sound off in the comments section, and tell us why! You never know when you’ll catch someone’s attention and turn them onto a good book!

Batman News Critic: Sean


Tiny Titans 5
Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #5
Just when all hope of finding a new treehouse is lost, the girls travel to Paradise Island! Oh, what a wonderful place it is! But where are all the boys? And who’s Terra supposed to throw rocks at now?

Art by: Art Baltazar
Cover by: Art Baltazar
Written by: Franco, Art Baltazar

Random Blurb of Excitement: I don’t read this book, but, if I had young kids, we would have Wednesday night, bedtime reading parties! Character voices and all! I imagine.

Batman News Critic: Jay


Graphic Novel Watch:

Batman 75th Anniversary Commemorative Collection (Slipcased Hardcover) – Celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary with this spectacular slipcase collection featuring the classic trade paperbacks of three of his greatest epics: BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, written by Frank Miller with art by Miller and Klaus Janson, BATMAN: HUSH, written by Jeph Loeb with art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams, and BATMAN VOL. 1: THE COURT OF OWLS, written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion!

Batman Noir: The Long Halloween (Hardcover) – This landmark 14-issue epic is collected in a brand new noir edition that spotlights the artwork of Tim Sale, as the Dark Knight hunts a mysterious serial killer who strikes only on holidays. Includes appearances by Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, The Joker and many of Batman’s greatest foes!

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two Vol. 1 (Hardcover) – The best-selling prequel to the hit videogame picks up right where it left off! Year one is over – now, year two begins. The death of one of their own has divided Earth’s protectors as hero turns against hero. As Superman’s iron grip on the world tightens, at the edge of the galaxy, another grave threat approaches. Collects INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US YEAR TWO #1-6.

Justice League Beyond 2.0: Power Struggle (Softcover) – In these tales from JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 Chapters #1-16, Superman’s powers are raging out of control, and the League must figure out a way to protect the world – and themselves – from the Last Son of Krypton. Plus, two of Superman’s greatest foes return!

Teen Titans Go!: Titans Together (Softcover) – The all-ages collection featuring TEEN TITANS GO! #27-32 is back in print, with the team’s battles with Jinx, Mas y Menos, Dr. Light and more! Plus, appearances by the Doom Patrol and Nightwing!