Michael Keaton would play Batman again, but only under one condition

A few days ago Michael Keaton told Entertainment Weekly that he has zero interest in Batman movies, but now that his cover issue is on newsstands, there’s even more news from the full interview.

When Keaton said he didn’t enjoy Batman movies, he was speaking as a movie fan because he’d be willing to play Batman again – under one condition. “If it was Tim Burton directing? In a heartbeat,” Keaton told Entertainment Weekly. Keaton also explained why he decided not to do Batman Forever, citing that Warner Bros. wanted a bigger (and broader) approach:

I hadn’t been stupid about it. I always knew it was a big machine with a big studio and a corporation behind it. But the simple answer was, [that approach] wasn’t any good…I tried to make them understand. But when somebody says to you, ‘Does it have to be so dark?’… I thought, ‘Are we talking about the same character?’

Keaton also told Entertainment Weekly that his love for Batman was due to the fact that he has dual personalities… a vigilante superhero and the troubled Bruce Wayne:

Now I can say this, because for many reasons, I never allowed myself to say it at the time: It was never about Batman for me. It was always about Bruce Wayne. He’s funny! He’s screwed-up! The guy is the coolest motherf***er in the world, and he’s messed-up!

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly (via Yahoo)